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...the complete "get-it-finally-done" system to publish a book for coaches, trainers, consultants, speakers and independent service professionals and put it to work for your business ....

What if you could publish a book that positions your good work to be seen, respected and chosen?

You'll have everything
you need to...

  • Choose a profitable topic for your book so that it attracts your best clients ready to invest in working with you.
  • Put your book to work for your business before you even write a word.
  • Create the content fast so that your book gets published instead of becoming an eternal project on your to-do-list.
  • Publish a book that connects with your perfect client ready to work with you.
  • Use your book to grow your audience and turn them into clients in the coolest way.
  • And much more...

And most importantly, this program will give you the confidence to publish a book that positions you and your good work to be seen, respected and chosen by clients

What Makes Book Into Clients Different...

The main focus is on publishing a book that connects with your potential clients ready to choose someone and to put the book to work for your business every step of the way.

How exactly is this going to work?

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How exactly are you going to keep your promise, Ana?

There are 3 stages to publishing a book to grow your business and your book can be put to work in each of these 3 stages:

  1. 1
    STAGE 1: Pre-Publishing

    This is perhaps the most neglected and the most important stage in the process because it is the foundation for the success to come.

    Many people wait till the book is published to use it for their business and they waste precious moments.

    In this stage you'll discover:

    - What book to write and most importantly what book not to write. (Most people out there are choosing to focus on the wrong book to write and most of all that hard work is useless for their business).

    - What positioning is and the best positioning for clients and profits. (Understanding this piece will help you find the confidence to publish your book and disentangle a lot of "mindset" issues).

    - A great topic that attracts your best clients and opportunities.

    - How to title your book for success.

    - Exactly how I put any book I decide to write to work for my business so that you can model these simple strategies. (Yes, I'll be sharing all along the behind the scenes of my business).
  2. 2
    STAGE 2: Publishing

    At the end of the day, we need the book to happen.

    This stage is all about creating a book to be proud of fast. (You can take as long or as little as you wish, of course. It's your choice).

    In this stage you'll discover:

    - How to create connection with your reader so that they want to continue the relationship and find out more about how you can help them. (This is a huge missing piece in programs and courses about how to publish a book. The result is that there is no action from the readers).

    - My favorite list of questions that will spark content ideas that resonate with your readers and clients.

    - How to create the content easily and fast. (This also reduces the overwhelm and makes it fun even if you don't consider yourself a good writer).

    - The crucial element for the success of your book and how to make sure your book stands out in a sea of "sameness".

    - How to easily publish your book fast and for the most impact.
  3. 3
    STAGE 3: Post Publishing   

    This stage is key because you can put into place systems to use your book to position yourself as a Leading Authority, attract media and speaking gigs and grow your audience.

    And of course... to sign up clients.

    In this stage you'll discover:

    - Exactly what to do immediately after you publish your book. (These are some of the sexiest things for published authors and sadly many of them miss them).

    - The Celebration Campaign. (The “Celebration Campaign” is a campaign to celebrate that you have published your book. No surprise there. The goal of the campaign is to increase your reach, grow your email list and have conversations with people ready to work with you).

    - The Book + Training Campaign. (The goal of the campaign is to grow your email list, fill a webinar or online training and have conversations with people ready to work with you).

    - The Free Book Campaign. (The goal of the campaign is to grow your email list, sell a product if you have one or want to easily create one and have conversations with people ready to work with you).

    - A proven path to invite people to a conversation with you. (With everybody offering "strategy sessions and free consultations", it's important to get the attention of your potential clients and help them see the value of jumping at the opportunity to talk to you).

    - How your book can open doors for you. (This is a brief lesson. Just my list of what I do to reach people and get opportunities for my business from a book).

Ana Rosenberg

Business Consultant - Best-Selling Author

Ana Rosenberg – Bestselling Author and Happy Business Acceleration Consultant – shows independent service professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants how to get to what many of her clients describe as “business nirvana”: growing a happy, profitable, sustainable business to be proud of while having a fearless impact in the world with their best work.

Ana specializes in helping "modern experts" create happy 6 and 7 figure businesses by uncovering their natural confidence and brilliance so that they can show up at their best most of the time.



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