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The 30-Minute Free Gift Formula – How To Create A Freebie That Attracts Your Ideal Client Online

The whole idea of a free gift (also called a “freebie” or “lead magnet”) is to attract the right people from your audience to your email community from a place of adding value

Why don’t they buy if I sell exactly what they need?

That’s one of the questions I get the most from people who want to grow their business based on their expertise. They put their hearts and best efforts in their services, programs from

Offers For High-Value Clients – Can You Offer Too Much? A Tale Of A Sale That Should Have Been…

​​Lots of people who build their business based on their expertise agonize about what they offer and they feel they should include even more.Part of that has to do with their wish to

How You Can Start Getting High-Value Clients Today

How to get clients for people like us - coaches, trainers, consultants and other experts who can make a difference with their good work - is one of the questions I get the

What Is The Best Social Media Platform To Find High-Value Clients?

This is one of the questions I get the most about getting high-value clients online. Maybe because I live in the middle of the Alps in a country where I hardly speak the

3 Secrets To Avoid The Fee Trap And Grow Your Client-Based Business

The other day I was enjoying coffee with some friends, who happen to be coaches and consultants. The conversation was engaging and exciting while the exchange was all about creating possibilities for other

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How To Boost Your Brand To Attract High-Value Clients Even If Nobody Has Heard Of You

… without expensive website redesigns or photo shoot sessions so that you can expand your expert business online.One of the biggest attraction factors for the right clients for people like us, experts, coaches,

Growing Your Expert Business Online – The Ultimate Guide For Modern Experts With A Mission & A Message

The Internet and the online world is here to stay and there is no doubt about that.As a modern expert with a mission and a message, whether you are a service professional, a

Growing A Small Business – Overwhelmed Or Overloaded?

One of the biggest challenges for modern professionals, experts and entrepreneurs when growing their business seems to be a feeling of overwhelm. There is so much they could be doing and only 24

Growing Your Business – Is Your Marketing Broken?

Have you been feeling that although you’re doing everything you are told to do your marketing efforts are well… a lot of efforts for not so many results?You’re not alone in this feeling.

How To Grow My Business With Irresistible Invitations (TM)

(Aka the key to understanding why people say yes)We make invitations in our business all the time. Today we’ll have a deep look at invitations to become clients, patients, students, coaches. So it’s

The Top Online Marketing Strategy For A Small Business – Give And Grow Rich

If you’re a service professional, coach, a trainer, an author, a speaker or a consultant, you love to give and help people. You have a message and a mission that drives your business

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3 Secrets To Avoid The Fee Trap And Grow Your Client-Based Business

The other day I was enjoying coffee with some friends, who happen to be coaches and consultants. The conversation was engaging and exciting while the exchange was all about creating possibilities for other

3 Steps To A Calendar Full Of Conversations With Potential High-Value Clients Ready To Work With You

​One of the best ways of having an impact in people’s lives and enrolling the right clients in our work as experts (coaches, trainers, consultants, and other self-employed professionals) is through conversations.Many experts

9 Big Myths And Misconceptions About Getting High-Value Clients Online

Many experts set out to create a client attraction machine online. It makes sense for people like us – coaches, trainers, consultants, experts who can transform lives with our work – to want

5 Practical Lessons Tea Can Teach Us About Getting High-Value Clients Who Happily Pay Our Fees

In this article you will discover 5 keys to high-value client attraction and how to command 10 times higher fees than any of your competitors with confidence.After a sabbatical year of travel, I

Getting New Clients Online – 8 Tricky Truths

If you are an independent professional, and expert, an entrepreneur you know that online is not the future: it is the present. You might be seeing your colleagues around you getting great results

How Long Until You Start Attracting Clients To Your Business – The Glue To Grow Your Business

I wish I had a penny for every time I’m asked this question: “What would you say is a realistic time frame until you start attracting client to your businesses?” because I would


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One Of The Smartest Ways To Grow Your Business – Focus On The Moment Of Choice

aka what professionals, experts and entrepreneurs can learn about getting chosen from elections all over the world
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Roberto Monaco – Public Speaking Coach on Building Public Speaking Confidence and Influence

Roberto Monaco brings powerful insights into the conversation that go beyond building confidence into the realms of influence and conversion. Roberto helps over 31 different industries acquire more business and create new leads through the Art of Public Speaking.

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