Ana Rosenberg
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... What if there is an ambitiously simple way to

grow your business?...

Ana Rosenberg – Bestselling Author and Happy Business Acceleration Consultant – shows “Modern Experts With A Mission & A Message”, especially Service Professionals, Coaches, Trainers, Seminar Leaders, Authors, Speakers and Consultants, how to achieve what many of her clients describe as “business nirvana”: having a happy, profitable, sustainable business to be proud of while having a big impact in the world with their best work.

“You were born with wings,
why prefer to crawl through life?”
― Rumi

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Self-Study Programs

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Online Course In A Weekend™ 

The complete, finally-get-it-done system to create a profitable online course in a weekend.


Value Communication Kit™ 

A 30-minute thought experiment to uncover the value you provide and the words to communicate it so that people get it.

Self-Study - Highlights


Brilliant Offer Design Playbook™

Create, package and price offers & programs that inspire people to say yes, inspire you to deliver and get you very well paid for your expertise.


Brilliant Sales Conversations Playbook™

Confidently lead sales conversations where clients see for themselves the value of investing in your work


Class Into Clients™

.The complete system to confidently teach an online class that attracts clients

Coming in 2022 - 2025

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