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Conversations Getting Kit™

Fill your calendar with conversations with
the right potential clients. Yes, it includes ready-to-make-your own templates...

What if you could inspire the right people to jump at the opportunity to have a conversation with you and enjoy a calendar full of yummy appointments from wherever you are in the world?

Let’s fill up your calendar with people ready to invest in working with you,

shall we?

How exactly are we going to do that?

First, we’re going to make the invitation to a conversation with you inspiring… 

to the right people and to yourself.

After that, we’re going to find the people ready right now for those conversations, 

even if you don’t have an email list (I prefer to talk about my email community because

I don’t treat them as a list).

I'll share the templates & tools I put together for myself when I 

moved to the middle of the Alps in Germany without speaking a word of German

and wanted to have clients all over the world.

I have unlimited faith in you. So the last section is about where my unlimited faith in you

lies as well as how I went from scared cat to not being scared all the

time in business (and in life). This might be handy if the mere thought of talking to

people is making you nervous.  SPOILER ALERT - This is not a motivational section about sales. It's an understanding of where your business brilliance really is.

How is it going to work?

As soon as you order, you'll get access to this easy-to-digest guide in PDF format. (This DELICIOUSLY READABLE, DEVOUR-IN-ONE-SITTING PDF was created for you to consume at your own pace. You can read it on your screen or print it and keep it on your back pocket for any time you want to fill your calendar with conversations with potential clients wherever you are in the world). 

This is how I use it myself. I make a good cup of coffee and i go through the resources until one of them pops up as the best for the present moment. I copy it, paste it and make it my own. I finish my coffee.

Ana Rosenberg

Business Consultant - Best-Selling Author

Ana Rosenberg – Bestselling Author and Happy Business Acceleration Consultant – shows independent service professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants how to get to what many of her clients describe as “business nirvana”: growing a happy, profitable, sustainable business to be proud of while having a fearless impact in the world with their best work.

Ana specializes in helping "modern experts" create happy 6 and 7 figure businesses by uncovering their natural confidence and brilliance so that they can show up at their best most of the time.



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