How To Grow Your Business Fast - Shift 5 | Ana Rosenberg

5 Fresh New Shifts To Grow Your Business Fast

Dear fellow Difference Maker,

What if there is a fresh, new way to grow your business fast?

If you want to grow your business based on making a difference for people with your work - whether you're a coach, a trainer, a consultant, or some other kind of expert - I'm writing this for you.

As a fellow traveler of the business growth journey, I wanted to share with you what I've seen on my almost 30 years on this road and 5 paths that led me to incredible discoveries on the way. Do you know those unexpected "treasures" you find when you explore places? Do you know those surprises and delights that make the travels more enjoyable? I'm talking about those. 

Yes, these 5 shifts have accelerated my business growth and those of my clients and students, as well because they're based on solid principles that don't change -like gravity, magnetism, or electricity which always work on this planet.  Gravity is always at work whether we know about its existence or not, whether we're confident or not, and whether we're committed to do whatever it takes or not.

Shift #1 - Stopping to go faster

This is perhaps my favorite one because it creates the space, high-performance and natural confidence to grow without stress, pressure or struggle

It's idea is simple: on our journey to grow our businesses we get detoured or lost in many activities. The moment we stop those and go back to the road we start to move faster.

I'll be sharing with you the "shortcuts" that used to look like the way to go but were actually wasting my energy as well as simple ways that brought me back on track.

The result of "stopping" was more energy and time that I knew what to do with... And guess what I've been doing with all that time and energy? Growing my business as part of my awesome life.

The next shifts will feel more strategic... and they are because both freedom of mind and strategy are important to grow a business.

Shift #2 - Choosing the right business model first

When an expert doesn't have the right business model to start with, you see them hopping from strategy to strategy and getting lost or overwhelmed. They lose hope and some of them feel like a loser because things that are supposed to work are not working for them.

I'll be sharing with you the business model I've discovered as a happy accidents many, many, many years ago and I've been using for my businesses every since. 

Shift #3 - Positioning yourself right

Positioning is not about bragging or calling oneself an expert or an authority. It's about how to show up so that your best clients see the value of working with you. (And bragging and self proclaiming oneself an expert is one of the worst positioning strategies out there).

The reason why positioning is such an instant shift in your results is simple and profound. If experts position themselves wrong, the result is that the people they could be helping don't see them. (Being on the side of the road watching how the people I could have helped chose less than ideal solutions because I was invisible to them was quite painful).

I'll be sharing with you my positioning secrets when we talk about Shift #3.

Shift #4 - Giving your best work a chance

When an expert learns to talk about what they do in a way that the people ready to choose someone to help them solve their problems get it, growing and getting clients become simple. When experts don't put their attention in a crystal way of talking about their best work so that the right people get it, they're denying their work the chance to succeed.

Here, we'll be exploring what to stop saying and what to say instead so that your potential clients ready to hire someone choose you.

Shift #5 - Attraction

I'm not talking about the Law of Attraction or to meditate to grow your business...

I'm talking about the shift to showing up in a way that attracts the people that are ready to work with you instead of talking to people who have no interest at all. 

The right people have all the attention in the world for you and it's easy to talk to them because they want to hear from you and listen to you.

In this part of the conversation, I'll share what I've seen about attracting your right crowd.

Sounds like a series of conversations worth having? 

Then, continue reading here...