3 Things I Wish I Had Done Way Sooner To Grow My Business


I'm always looking for what makes a business based on knowledge, information and expertise grow the fastest humanly possible. (That's my job, after all).

These are 3 things I wished I had done way sooner and if you're thinking about them, maybe you want to run and not walk...

Starting with the sexiest...

1. Publishing A Book

Enough said.

The real important part if we're talking about a book that grows your business is to publish something of incredible value for the people looking to solve a problem so that you get immediately positioned in their mind as a valuable, relevant, credible resource.

A book can open many doors and help people refer people to you.

I could go on and on for ever about how great publishing a book is to grow a business and help people.

The one thing to remember, though...

The big money of a book for your business doesn't come necessarily from the sales of copies of your book.

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2. Learning To Communicate The Value Of My Contribution

Everybody talks about "adding value" so let me define here...

To add value is to take a person closer to the outcomes they desire. - Ana Rosenberg

But adding value is not enough if we cannot articulate exactly the value of our contribution.

It's worth making it a project to uncover the value you bring to the table and the words to communicate it.

3. Clarifying My Business Model

When a business is based on knowledge, information and expertise, there are business models that work better than others.

I chose for my business the high-value model because I love to take people closer to the outcomes they desire and I decide to make the biggest difference that I can.

It so happens to be one of the best models for people like us who have a business based on knowledge, information and expertise that makes a difference for people.

Till next time remember…
Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere.

With love

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