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Brilliant Offerings & Programs

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Brilliant Offer Design Playbook™

Create, package and price offers & programs that inspire people to say yes, inspire you to deliver and get you very well paid for your expertise.

Brilliant Sales Conversations

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Brilliant Sales Conversations Playbook™

Confidently lead sales conversations where clients see for themselves the value of investing in your work

Filling Your Calendar With Potential Clients

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Conversations Getting Kit™

Fill your calendar with conversations with the right potential clients. Yes, it includes ready-to-make-your own templates...

Writing & Publishing Your Book

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Book Into Clients™ - Self-Study

.The complete "get-it-finally-done" system to publish a book for coaches, trainers, consultants, speakers and independent service professionals and put it to work for your business ....

Attracting Clients Online

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High-Value Clients Online™ - Self-Study

The complete "get-it-finally-done" online system for coaches, consultants, trainers & independent service professionals to organically fill your business with great clients who come to you...


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