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The 30-Minute Free Gift Formula – How To Create A Freebie That Attracts Your Ideal Client Online

The whole idea of a free gift (also called a “freebie” or “lead magnet”) is to attract the right people from your audience to your email community from a place of adding value first. (I prefer to talk about “email community” and not “lists” because I hate to reduce human beings to a number on a list).

This is how I think about the whole process…

Some people from your broader audience want the opportunity to become a member of your email community because they want to get closer to you and the value you offer. Some of them are even ready to become your clients today. Some of them can become clients when they’re ready (and you’ll be there as their preferred choice).

So let me show you how you can have your free gift ready in 30 minutes…

Step #1 – Choose ONE question

It has to be a question that people ready to work with you are already looking for the answer to.

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FREE RESOURCE – You can use AnswerThePublic for questions people have been searching online.

Step #2 – Write the answer

Write an email with the answer.

Have you ever written an email to a friend before?

Probably you have…

So having a dear friend in mind write an email with the answer to the question you chose.

TIP – If your answer gets too long, you can divide it into a series of emails. For example, send 3 emails in 3 consecutive days.

Step #3 – Create the invitation page

Create the “opt-in page” to invite people to receive your free gift by entering their email address.

PRO TIP – The simpler the page, the better.

TEMPLATE – This is one of my favorite templates

Pre headline
For + group of people who would benefit from this free gift
Example: For New Moms Ready To Lose The Baby Weight

Example: How can I lose weight after pregnancy naturally?

Tell me where to send it to you
Form to enter email address

Step #4 – Create a simple thank you page

Your thank you page is the age that appears after they enter their email address.

PRO TIP - It’s a great opportunity to invite them to book a free consultation with you.

Free Tool – You can use an online scheduling tool

(All resources and tools are listed below).

Step #5 – Rinse and repeat

Different people from your audience might be interested in different issues and answers. So instead of trying to figure out the “perfect free gift”, you can add value by answering different questions with new free gifts.

Till next time remember…
Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere.

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List of Free Tools & Resources for questions people are searching for -


Calendly for online appointments -

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