3 Secrets To Grow An Online Audience Of Paying Clients | Ana Rosenberg

3 Secrets To Grow An Online Audience Of Paying Clients

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"I'm super active online but no clients. What am I missing?" is one of the questions I get the most.

And the answer is actually quite simple: you need to grow an audience of paying clients.

The answer is also good news for people like us who have businesses based on our expertise because we don't need a huge audience and the people ready to hire you are looking online for you like never before.

Great, right?

So... how do you do that?

1. Look into your own shoes

Think of someone you started to follow online and you ended up buying from.

What made you start following them?

What made you buy from them?

Now it's your turn to think about the perfect client you want to attract to your audience. What will make them follow you? 

2. Give generously and strategically

Your content adds value.

The question is...

What value does a person already looking to solve a problem want?

By the way, this is my definition of value:

"Adding value means to bring someone closer to the outcome they desire" - Ana Rosenberg

The value you add also needs to repel those you don't want in your audience.

Your content should be super attractive to the people interested in getting a certain outcome AND...

... super repellent to those that you don't want in your community.

3. Become discoverable

Have you ever discovered that perfect shop that sells that perfect thing you keep coming back to again and again?

We value something more when we discover it ourselves.

Online we all jump into research mode when we are interested in hiring a person.

What will those people ready to hire you discover?

What will the people referred to you discover about you when they research you?

Next Step

If you'd like an elegant move to build the right audience and fill your business with great clients, check out Class Into Clients™ - The complete system to confidently teach an online class that attracts clients.

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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