A Simple Question To Avoid Losing New Clients Ana Rosenberg

A Simple Question To Avoid Losing New Clients – The Netflix Case Study


There is nothing more disheartening that losing people who are right and ready to sign up with you. They miss out because they don’t get the help you could give them. They often end up choosing inferior solutions. Nobody wins.

There is a simple question that proves very useful…

“Why not…?”

This is how you can use it…

“Why won’t they sign up if they are perfect for this?”

Looking at what you offer through this lens allows you to understand your potential clients better and, most importantly, to demonstrate that you have their dearest interests in mind.

How Netflix Puts This Question Into Action

This is what happens when someone is ready to sign up for their services. Netflix knows that their biggest WHY NOT? is signing up for a free trial, forgetting to cancel and being billed for something they don’t want.

Look at how they answer that question for them…

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This is what happens next…

They simply explain what to do and they include in that explanation answers to other “WHY NOTs?”


Fear of the unknown is bigger than any promise of rewards for us humans. One way Netflix is eliminating it is by letting their customer know that there are 3 steps. That they are short and simple.

Helping Make The Best Choice

The potential client will have to choose the best plan. Netflix wants to make the fear of choosing wrong go away, so they recommend their Premium for their free trial.

And here is how they answer another “WHY NOT?”

They let the person signing up know that they can downgrade or upgrade at any time.

Another Powerful Answer

Now it’s time for the user to create their account. Here Netflix uses BECAUSE to explain to the user why this is important. It’s not that they have to create an account just because… there is a good reason for this).

Another WHY NOT?

By now the person is thinking that all this is going to take way too long or it’s going to be too complicated. See how Netflix speaks to that…

Till next time remember…
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