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5 Best Online Marketing Strategies For An Expert Business

Perhaps the question I get asked the most is “what are the best Internet marketing strategies for service professionals, especially coaches, authors, speakers, trainers and consultants?”

I totally get why this question is so frequent: every “guru” seems to recommend something different. Plus 99.99%% of the information out there is not applicable to people like us: experts with a message who would like to attract more clients and have a bigger impact with our work.

That is what has made me write this article.

You’re specifically going to discover:
•the most powerful mindset to have about marketing an expert business online;
•the most effective strategies and techniques to market an expert business using the web.

Powerful Online Marketing Mindset

If you think that “marketing” is a bad word, nothing you try to do will work well.

Let me share with you my perspective about marketing. If you find it useful, feel free to borrow it.

This is how I define Marketing and this definition has allowed me to actually enjoy it:

“Marketing is the crystal clear communication of value that attracts awesome clients”.

I firmly believe in “attraction marketing” as opposed to “push marketing” so all my communication activities are exclusively directed to the people who have raised their hands and said they want to receive them.

WARNING – If you have valuable offers and you communicate them to people who want to hear them, marketing can even be fun! (Don’t say I haven’t warned you)

1. Website Marketing Strategies

1) Make sure that you have a website you can feel proud of. (If, for some reason, you don’t feel your website reflects all your awesomeness, change that).

Aim for a clean, professional look and feel. It doesn’t have to be complicated or super expensive.

The reason why we’re talking about this first is that if you don’t feel good about your website, you won’t be able to promote it fully.

AND your site is like your home: this is the place where you will be inviting all the people you are meeting on social media, live events, etc. You don’t have to live in a fairy tale castle to feel comfortable inviting people but your home, even if it is a modest apartment, should be clean and nice.

BONUS TIP – Your website should be mobile-device compatible since more and more people access the Internet from their mobile devices.

2) The most important component of your website is the language.

HOT TIP – Speak the language of RESULTS.

Your website should address the problems that your audience has and present you
as the solution.

3) Set smart goals for your site.

One of your priorities is to build your audience, what people refer to as “list building”. Most website visitors will leave your site and never come back. If you offer some free help to get them started moving towards the result they want to achieve, they will gladly exchange their email address for your free help.

It is not important how you package that free help: it can be a free report, a video, an audio. What is really important is that it is something really juicy, preferably something that they can consume quickly and implement right away.

For more help on creating an awesome free gift for your site, check this other article out (http://anarosenberg.com/online-marketing-strategy/).

TIP – Subscribe to my newsletter is not an enticing offer any more.

HOT TIP – You can create and offer more than one free gift.

4) Your “about page” is one of the most visited pages: use it wisely.

It is the perfect place to let your visitor know what kind of results you help your clients achieve, your story and why you do what you do.

HOT TIP – Don’t make it about your credentials, your certifications or your process. Make it about why you are the perfect person to help your visitor.

5) Don’t “model” other people’s websites because you have no way of knowing if what they are doing is working.

“Modeling” the websites of the big names in your field won’t work either because the place where they are today is not where you are. (And even if they told you about their strategies when they were where you are now, they would be totally irrelevant because the online world changes super fast).

2. Best SEO Strategy

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is useful to know some of the basics because you want to make it as easy as possible for your website to be found in the search engines.

I personally don’t rely on any kind of tricks or tactics to try to get my website on “the first place of Google”. However, there are some essentials that are really important because you want people to find your site when they do a search in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

This is how Google explains what we business owners should pay attention to:

3. Build Your Audience While You Are Building Your Business

Don’t wait to start building your audience. Start from day one. That way you will always have people hungry for your offers and a waiting list of potential clients to choose from.

Not every website visitor, social media follower, telesummit attendee, etc is ready to hire you right away. When they give you their contact information in exchange for your free help, they are “virtually” raising their hand and telling you they want results in that area. Plus, they are giving you permission to go on communicating with them to add value and build a relationship.

When they are ready to hire someone, if you do this right, you will be the person they trust and feel they know.

AND this leads us to an Internet marketing technique that should be a priority…

4. Email Marketing

Every email you send is an opportunity to create value and get new clients. Communicate frequently and consistently. If they never hear from you after they download your free gift, they won’t even recognize your name in their inbox 6 months later.

You basically have 2 ways to communicate using emails:
1) Your newsletter – Commit to sending your newsletter regularly.
2) Solo emails - Solo emails are reserved for news, invitations and everything that cannot wait till the next issue of your newsletter.

This is my super sophisticated email strategy: I consider each subscriber as a friend and I write uncomplicated emails the same way I write to my other friends. (I bet you were expecting something more complicated than this).

IMPORTANT – Keep your list clean. In order to do that, you need to delete the people who don’t open your emails regularly as well as people whose email addresses bounce.

Keeping your list clean means that you have more chances to reach the inboxes of the people you mail. Plus, your objective should be to have an awesome audience, not just a bog list of people who don’t open your emails.

More Great Online Marketing Ideas

Social Media - I left Social Media for the end and there is a good reason for that. It is probably not the place to start.

First, you need to have a clear message as well as free gifts and invitations. Then, you can use Social Media to invite people to your website where they can sign up for your free gift.

You also need to have your email strategy in place first. Only then does Social Media make sense.

Best Online Business Marketing Strategy – Learn to advertise. Most people get excited about the “Internet” because it is “free” but…

… they don’t think about the time they might be wasting on people that are just not interested or on people who also want to get everything for free.

Learning to advertise in a way that you always recover your initial investment and make some profit is the ultimate freedom: you know where your next clients are coming from. You can always reinvest some of the money you make in ads so that you can keep growing.

Next Step

Decide on one action step you are going to implement this week and go and do it (or get it done).

A big virtual success hug

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