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And The Best Performing Social Media Platforms For People Like Us Are...

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One of the questions I get a lot from coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers and other independent service professionals is on what social media platform should I be...

I thought I would let you in what happened during a mini launch I did recently.

I did a 5 day challenge and I filled it up organically (no paid ads).

Most people came from Twitter...

Pinterest also showed my posts to thousands of people.

A few people came from LinkedIn by just posting a couple of times about the challenge.

And Facebook?

Facebook requires a completely different strategy because it is pay to play.


... you have to first find the audience that will respond to your ads before your ads get a chance of working.

Lessons Learned For These Times

1. The platform where you are stronger will work the best for you. In my case, surprisingly enough, it's Twitter. For
you it can be any platform you love and put the work to grow an audience on. The decision of what platform depends on where your audience is hanging out online.

2. Pinterest is totally worth it. I started posting there every single day now and my audience there is growing organically. 

Yes, it is more work because of the formatting of graphics especially for their platform. (I'll list resources to make graphics for Pinterest in the resource box below and my Pinterest account in case you want to follow it and see what I have been doing).

3. Facebook ads cannot be an afterthought. 

In the imagination of many of us, we might think that a Facebook ad will solve all our problems. It's actually a Facebook strategy that can work starting with building an audience that wants to hear from you.

4. I've started my Instagram account. 

Yes, I'm a late adopter and proud of it. 

Consistent with my own advice that we should grow on one platform first and then move onto the next one, Instagram has become my next move.

5. My email community was key to fill the challenge and the challenge itself was a great way to grow my email community.

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere, including social media.

With love


You need a great page for people to sign up for anything you are doing. You need a great page to sell. You need a great website to position you right.

If you need a simple way of having all that, put the experience of this tool to work for your business.

You need an easy, fast way to produce professional graphics for social media.

I'm in love with Canva

These are my social media accounts mentioned above in case you want to follow them and see from the inside what I've been doing.

Pinterest -
Instagram - AnaRosenbergOfficial -

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