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How To Boost Your Brand To Attract High-Value Clients Even If Nobody Has Heard Of You

… without expensive website redesigns or photo shoot sessions so that you can expand your expert business online.

One of the biggest attraction factors for the right clients for people like us, experts, coaches, trainers, consultants who can help transform somebody’s life, is a powerful brand.

In this article you’ll discover what doesn’t work to brand your work to be seen, valued and chosen by your best clients and what works.


Most people associate a brand with names of companies, logos and colors and fonts. That is a small outward expression of a brand.

A great definition of a brand: “A brand is a desired perception”.

In other words, a way people think about your company and the way they feel about you and your work. And it’s a brand created with this depth what attracts high-value clients.


Not having the right branding keeps experts, coaches, trainers, consultants and other service professionals from having the right clients, having visibility and not making the impact they want to make in the world.

Using Labels – For example, I’m a life coach, I’m a business consultant, I’m a certified Reiki Master.

Branding A Modality - For example, Coaching LA, Reiki NY, NLP London, etc.

One of the biggest problems is that you don’t have the time to explain your modality. People are looking for solutions to a problem (and they are not looking to learn about a modality they may not know about).

Even if you had the time to explain your modality, people cannot comprehend how powerful it is and they doubt it will work for them.

By trying to brand with your modality, you are limiting yourself to people who know what your modality is and you are leaving out all the people who could benefit from it.

Most experts use this model mainly because it’s familiar. We hear doctors saying “I’m a doctor” or dentists saying “I’m a dentist”.

Some other modalities are not understood and well-known yet.

So you can focus your time on trying to sell people what they don’t understand or want or you can choose to do things differently: you can create a brand that works, get clients and let that do some of the selling for you.


Let me show you the deepest core of a brand that you can create to bring you your ideal coaching, healing, or consulting clients more easily, a brand that will dramatically increase the perceived value of your work and bring in more highly qualified clients than you can imagine.

It’s about presenting yourself to the world in a consistent, valuable, compelling way.

A High-Value Brand – High-value clients are looking to solve high-value problems. So your brand needs to announce that you are here to make a real difference.

One formula that works for experts like us is…

An Outcome Brand – It’s based on the outcome you help your clients get.

It has 3 elements:

1) High-value – Value is the heart of this type of brand. (Many people talk about value so let’s define value first. Value is to get your clients closer to the results they want to achieve. Anything that gets them closer to getting what they want is value).

2) An Audience – This is a group of people who would greatly benefit from your work.

3) Communication of value – The value of your work needs to be communicated in the right way so that it is seen, valued and chosen by the people who are already there ready to hire someone.

Till next time… remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
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