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Business Growth Roadmap: The Right Strategies In The Right Order To Grow Your Coaching/Training/Consulting Business

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Has it ever happened to you that you motivate yourself to sit down and work on "growing your business" and "getting clients" on Monday morning, to just give up five minutes later because you just don't know what to do exactly?

Do you keep having this never ending loop of thought about whether whatever you’re doing is even going to work to grow your business?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of business growth advice available to coaches, trainers, and consultants? Information overload can leave you paralyzed, unsure of where to start and which strategies to prioritize.

Here is your antidote: a clear, step-by-step roadmap with the right strategies in the right order to make your coaching, training, or consulting business finally work!

My coming from… These are the exact strategies I’ve used in the order I’ve discovered to work best by growing real businesses. (They don’t come from repeating what people are taught in their “masterminds” where everybody is learning how to make money repeating what everybody else is saying to work).

My sincere desire… to equip you with a proven sequence of strategies, allowing you to build a thriving coaching, training, or consulting business so that you never have to wonder what you should be working on.

Start here

The best place to start to grow your business as a coach, trainer, consultant or independent service professional is …

…Your offer.

My favorite offer to start?

One of the most powerful ways to grow is to package your expertise in a premium program and learn the skills to fill your program.


Because your business can be profitable fast when you offer the best value you have.

Not such a good idea…

Selling your services per hour. It's difficult to grow. It's difficult to get and keep clients, who need to reevaluate their decision to work with you every single time. It's difficult to "raise" your fees because there is only so much people will pay for "time".

If you have a premium program offering the value people actually consider premium, it's easy to get clients to say yes. (Plus, you don't need a lot of yeses to be profitable).

The key here is to also learn the skill of filling your program with great clients. Don't worry, at the end of this article you find a free resource to get started powerfully.

So what next?

Now that you have at least your first premium offer, it's time to write your website that gets you clients.

Yes, you’ve read right… write your website.

The words in your website are the master piece because they can communicate the value you offer so that the right people get it.

The rest of the design of your website is like the frame of your master piece. (So don’t start by the design. Concentrate on the words first).

Writing the very few words of your website is your Art because nobody knows your business like you do.

But not just any website…

You need a website that can create clients for you. You need a website that you can use to market and grow your business anyway you want.

Once you have your words, you can build the website yourself or outsource it.

PRO TIP - My recommendation - take control of your website by having your own domain and using You can simply create any page you need and even change the look and feel of your site with a click.

What if you don’t want to do the tech stuff yourself? You can hire a virtual assistant for a couple of hours to set up WordPress for you. Ask them to record a video for you of how to access your dashboard and how to create pages and blog posts, so that you can type your content for anything you'll ever want to create.

Yes, as your business grows, you’ll want to make many changes to your site.

COOL RESOURCE - In the resources below the article, you'll find everything you need to have a website that can create clients for you as opposed to a gigantic waste of time and money.

Boosting & stabilizing your business

So now you have your premium program, the skill to fill it and a website that can create clients for you.

What's next?

Online courses. One online course, to be exact.

This is a hidden pitfall... Most coaches, trainers, consultants try to start to grow their business with courses and they get tired and broke. (To market a course you also need a budget and what you make from the sale of a course is not enough to have a stable income at first).

Your premium program provides a stable income and something even more important: now you know exactly what course to create.

PRO TIP - Don't put everything in your premium program into a course. Look for a narrower topic for your course. For example, if your premium program is about growing your business, your course can be about a piece of that puzzle like writing a website that can create clients. (Yes, you're seeing the same strategy I'm talking about in action in my own business).

The missing piece

The vehicle.

The best vehicle to whatever we have to offer as a coach, trainer, consultant or independent service professional is teaching. We tend to be good at it, we love to give generously and it can be a great opportunity to position yourself as a Leading Authority in your field. (A Leading Authority is someone who knows a lot about their subject matter and can show you the way to get the results you want. In a phrase, a Leading Authority is a great resource).

A little class that offers immediate value can be a great vehicle for whatever invitation you want to make: an invitation to a talk with you, an invitation to join an online course.

PRO TIP - Don't think "webinar" because what people associate with "webinar" is a gigantic sales pitch.

COOL RESOURCE - In the resources at the end of the article, you'll find everything you need to create little classes that fill your business with great clients.

What about social media?

Social media can be a great resource to grow your business or a huge waste of time.

The key is to start in one place in social media once you have your premium offer ready. Choose a platform you where you’ll love to show up consistently.

Once you master one platform, you can expand to the next if you so wish. (There is no need to be everywhere).

The fastest way to grow is to have a website you can be proud of to invite people off social media to. The fastest way to grow is to build your own email list. Just as a painful reminder - the rules of social media change every day and twice on Tuesdays. I would not want to put all my business eggs in the social basket.

You can think of social media as a big party. You’ll want to invite special people you meet there to your own private party (your website).

COOL RESOURCE – I found a video in my archives where I go over my whole social media long-lasting strategy. (I was invited to do this training to a group of authors and you’ll see that the core strategy stands the tests of time).

Next step

Below you'll find the resources for each strategy because I want you to have everything you need to succeed.

My suggestion - Start with the free training on how to grow and scale your business fast. You’ll leave with a solid plan for your own business.

Till next time, remember… You’re awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere, including creating a business you love.

With all my love,


Here are some resources to help you get started today:

[Free Training] How To Grow & Scale Your Business Fast – 5 Simple Shifts To Grow And Scale Fast

Brilliant Website™ - The complete formula to write a website that creates your best clients. Perfect for coaches, trainers, consultants and independent service professionals

Online Course In A Weekend™ - The complete, finally-get-it-done system to create an online course in a weekend

Class Into Clients™ - The complete system to confidently teach an online class that attracts clients

[FREE] SOCIAL MEDIA LONG-LASTING STRATEGY – I found a video in my archives where I go over my whole social media long-lasting strategy. (I was invited to do this training to a group of authors and you’ll see that the core strategy stands the tests of time).

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