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The Secret To A Calendar Full Of Potential Coaching Clients

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Yes, there is a BIG secret to having your calendar full of potential coaching clients to talk to.

People are not going to come to you because a conversation with you is free.

People are not going to come to you because you offer them a free gift/bribe if they do.

People are not going to come to you because they need to buy coaching/consulting.

If they sense you are there just to sell them something, they don't have interest or time for that.

So why are people going to fill your calendar with calls?

People are going to come to you for...
... value.

Let's define value first.

"To add value is to help people get closer to the outcome they desire"
- Ana Rosenberg

Thought experiment (1 min)

When was the last time you decided to have a free consultation wth some kind of an expert? Why did you do that?

The secret

You need a...
..."tool of attraction".

A toll of attraction is my clumsy way of referring to an ivitation to a call with you that attracts potential clients ready to hire you. So one of the first things I help my clients to create is their unique tool of attraction.

People have to see for themselves how valuable a conversation with you is. And its value has to be far greater than the "cost" to them. (They are risking their anonymity and their vulnerability, which is a huge price to pay).

"Uncertainty is worse then the bad"
- Ana Rosenberg

BIG TIP - The invitation should also explain exactly what it will be like so that there is nouncertainty. Even if they have a problem they want to solve, the uncertainty factor is heavier.

So what is the real value of a conversation with you?

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With all my love, 


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