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Momentum - Deserving, Babies And Popes

NOTE - I wish I could squeeze in "kittens" because babies and kittens seem to be a winning formula... We'll see how it goes.


This article is a little bit different from the business strategy I usually write and there is a good reason for this...

The best strategies in the world won't work if we don't implement them.

So what stops us?

From a conversation with a private client I got the "I don't deserve it" answer.


If we look at a baby, we probably think that they deserve the best.

So... at what age do we start to think that we don't?

How long do we have to punish ourselves until we are ready to deserve again?

The Two Popes...

I don't know if you have seen the movie. I personally couldn't wait to watch it because I've been a big fan of Pope Francis before he became a Pope. (He used to be a priest in the same city I was born and he attended the same school I attended).

My big take away from the movie is...

We all make mistakes and we all have a hard time sometimes to forgive ourselves and feel that we "deserve" again, even the Popes.

You just think you are....

I'm going to point in a certain direction and all you'll need to do is go and check if it is true in your experience.

The "catch" is that it is a very simple concept (and we sometimes don't even want to look in a certain direction because we need things to be "complex" to "fix" us).

I spent a considerable period of time looking for ways to help my clients overcome issues of self doubt, feeling not deserving and procrastination. The reason was quite simple... if they could overcome those feelings, they would be awesome.

This is what ended my search and where I invite you to look for yourself.(I stumbled upon something simple, profound and immediately helpful and I wanted to share it with you).

Humans already have "worthiness". We already deserve. We already have well being.

We already have perfect well being...

It just gets covered over by layers of thinking.

It not only gets covered over by layers of thinking, but at some point we start to think that those layers of thinking are true.

Let me tell you who stumbled upon this and how it led to an enlightened realization:

Once upon a time a man called Syd Banks was walking with another man on a beach and they had this conversation...

Syd was telling this man how difficult his life was because he was so insecure.

The man replied to Syd: "Syd, you're not insecure. You just think you are".

Syd described that moment as an explosion went on inside of him. He had the enlightened realization that every single bit of his unhappiness and insecurity was just a temporary thought-created experience that had no substance.

Check if this is true for you...

When I get really anxious, at some point I stop thinking about it. (Yes, it might take a long time but eventually I do stop). Then, that thinking goes away and it doesn't even exist.

Could you imagine how powerful it would be if we could realize that all the anxiety, unhappiness and insecurity has no substance to it?

It's just a temporary thought-created experience.

My anxiety is now an illusion I can wake up from, like waking up from a nightmare with the relief of realizing that it was all a bad dream. (Mind you, a very real dream that felt very real).

As humans, we're having these bad dreams all they long. And when we wake up from them, we realize...

"It's just a thought".

Could it be that simple? Could it be just a thought?

NOTE - Thought creates feeling so we humans live in the feeling of our thinking. (Try having a certain feeling without thinking. Now try thinking about something to create the feeling. See how it works?)


It looks like I've found a way to include them, after  all.

Animals have no thinking so there is no single cat in the world with the feeling of insecurity or not deserving. (I love watching the neighbor's cat sleeping under my kitchen window without a worry in the world. I bet you that the thought that she doesn't deserve to relax has never crossed her mind).

Humans have the gift of thought and it's a wonderful thing because it creates our human experience.

"If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world. Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created" - Sydney Banks

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You deserve to take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love,

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