[Case Study] The Free Gift Formula To Attract Great Clients Online & Grow Your Email List Fast | Ana Rosenberg

[Case Study] The Free Gift Formula To Attract Great Clients Online & Grow Your Email List Fast

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... aka what I've been seeing when it comes to freebies that attract your best clients and grow a profitable email lists.

I'm excited to share with you what I've been doing differently, the experiments I've been trying this year and what I've decided to go on doing in my own business. (I'm excited because I think this might help your business online, too).

The landscape and the opportunity for people like us

Everybody has made it a priority to jump online and they all seem to be following the same recipes to build their email lists.

There is so much for free out there that is just not enough to say that it's free.

The other side of the coin is that people are jumping online to solve their problems like never before. That is a huge opportunity to grow our business for people like us - coaches, trainers, consultants and other independent service professionals because we actually can help solve those problems.

Online, it all starts with attracting your perfect clients.

My little experiments

With the intention of seeing something fresh beyond what everybody and their mother promote as the perfect way to grow an email list, I decided to open the space to find a better solution.

NOTE - I don't like the phrase "email list" because it feels like treating people like numbers. I use the phrase "email community" because that's what I proudly build.

I took down all the free gifts I had on my website and left only one opportunity to join the email community.

I created for the home page a VIP opportunity to be part of the community and get updates and share what we are up to that is not offered to the general public.

This is the exact invitation

Get on my VIP email
community here...
... you'll get invites, access and opportunities I don't share publicly and other neat perks!

I thought nobody was going to sign up like that.

I was surprised to see that many people wanted to be close to me and part of that community.

To be fair in my pure assumptions, these are people that probably discovered me in social media, they'd heard of me or they knew me.

Still assuming here, I don't think they landed on the home page and they felt compelled to sign up for my email community.

I'll keep that invitation on my home page because it has been working great. (And I do send special delights only to people who sign up there).

I stumbled onto something else...

One of the most popular free gifts I retired was so valuable that I turned it into a product for sale.

It was a collection of ready-to-make-your-own templates to help coaches, trainers and consultants fill their calendars with potential clients.

And yes, it is now sold every single day on my website.

People don't ignore the training and resources as just "another free PDF". They actually put it to good use in their business.

That led to...

The Ready To Sell Formula™

That gave me a business enlightenment moment for my new free offer that has been super successful.

I designed a micro training ready for sale.

And I decided to sell it for a limited time for "zero".

The day I retire it, I'll actually have a micro training to add to my suite of self-study courses.

That's how the "Ready-To-Sell Formula" was born.

1. High-value Micro Training

The content is a micro training that adds immense value.

Let's define value first:

"To add value means to take people closer to the outcome they desire"
- Ana Rosenberg

In this example, it is a thought experiment that allows you to discover the unique words to say what you do so that people get it.

It happens to be one of the first thought experiments I do with my high-value clients so I now have one it systematized and ready for them, too.

It also happens to be a thought experiment that will take no more than 30 minutes.

Super valuable, brief and easy.

2. Name And Description

I named it and wrote a brief description for it.

In this specific case, it's the Value Communication Kit™ - Uncover the real value you provide and the words to communicate it so that people get it.

3. Sales Page

I wrote the sales page for it.

For now, I priced it at "zero" and it is ready to sell. All I have to do is change the price.

If you want to see it in action, check it out here...

NOTE - I don't have an optin page where people put their email address for the "freebie". I send everybody directly to the sales page.

The Tech Part

The email autoresponder

My email community lives in here.

The sales page

If you want a simple and effective way to create sales pages, there is nothing that compares to

The great part of this is that you can fill in the blanks the sales pages they already have that are working great right now. It's a simple tool and you can have your free gift sales page and even your website done today.

Try it for free -

PRO TIP - You don't have to have a website ready to start attracting great clients online. You can start with a free gift.  

The shopping cart


This is the key: because it is a real micro training, I use a real shopping cart. The only difference is that I'm offering it for free for a limited time.

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With love, 


PS - This is a limited opportunity to get a great shopping cart with the flexibility to make any offer you need to FOR A ONE TIME PAYMENT.-  https://anarosenberg.com/cart

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