How To Make People Give You Their Genuine Attention Online – 5 Secrets To Cut Through The Noise, Be Seen & Valued For Your Contribution | Ana Rosenberg

How To Make People Give You Their Genuine Attention Online – 5 Secrets To Cut Through The Noise, Be Seen & Valued For Your Contribution

People are surrounded by noise and distraction at intense levels, especially online and still…

… As experts with a message, we know how life transforming it would be if only we could get people to pay attention.

I believe that if you have something valuable to offer that can make a difference in people’s lives, it’s wrong that all the noise out there keeps you separated from the very people you can help.

So here are my 5 favorite “genuine attention earners” that you are free to borrow and put to good use to reach more people and make a bigger difference.

SECRET #1 - They Have All The Attention In The World To Give To You

Attention is flexible and expandable. (Have you ever lost track of time reading a great book or watching a movie?)

Entertainment is not the only category for which people expand and give their attention. Fortunately for us, there is another category that can command the same kind of undivided attention.

If your message matches that big problem that your audience have in their head and are trying to figure out, you have a good chance to get their attention instantly.

For example, if a mom is worried about her teenage son failing school and not being able to connect with him and you talk about how to connect with your teenage son who is about to fail school, it won’t be difficult that this woman pays attention.

If you talk about losing the last 5 pounds so that you look gorgeous on your wedding day, it won’t be difficult to get the attention of a bride-to-be worried about not fitting in her wedding dress.

SECRET #2 – How To Make Their Attention Investment A No-Brainer

Yes, even if it is a free blog post what you are writing, the person who is going to consume it is going to invest their time and attention.

The best way to make them instantly see that their investment of time and attention is going to pay off is to add value beyond what they invest.

Everybody tosses the phrase “to add value” around so let’s start by defining exactly what we mean by it.

“To add value is to help a person get closer to the outcome they desire” – Ana Rosenberg

So ask yourself, how can you take this person closer to what they want? They will pay attention to that.

Going back to our examples, if you talk about the one phrase the worried mom can say to her teenage son that will make him open up and talk to her, she will invest her attention and time in that. If you talk about the number 1 thing a bride-to-be can do to lose the last pounds before the wedding, the right woman will give you her attention for that.

SECRET # 3 – Words That Matter

To create that instant engagement with our audience, we need to use words.

The secret is to use the same words that your audience use to talk about their problems, fears, frustrations, hopes, aspirations…

The biggest tip here is to listen to your market first to get the language they use to talk about what matters to them and then, don’t get creative. Use those exact words to connect with them.

SECRET #4 – Put Your Time & Effort Here

Spend at least a quarter of your time on the title of what you are working on because that’s the job of the title: to make the right people give you a chance and pay attention.

One way of getting good at titles is to study the headlines of magazines because magazines sales thrive or die depending on the quality of their headlines. (It’s the quality of the headlines what makes us decide whether to buy it or not).

There is a rumor that the copywriter in charge of the headlines at Cosmo get paid over a million a year to write headlines. It’s that important.

You can google magazines like Cosmo and look at the headlines and tweak them for your topic.

For example, if the headline is “X Smart Ways To Double Your Money”, you could use the template in “3 Smart Ways To Double Your Weight Loss Before The Wedding”.

SECRET # 5 - A Thousand Words That Are INSTANTLY Heard

The Chinese say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Use images wisely to attract attention, create connection and engage instantly.

We’re not talking about cheesy images with red borders, a crazy font selection or corporate photos that look fake.

Images online are impossible not to be seen. The human eye is trained to see them and they immediately convey a message of maybe even more than a thousand words.

BONUS SECRET – The Element Of Surprise

In every piece of content you create, ask yourself this question:

“How is this surprising?”

One way of including this element of surprise that makes your content relevant and talked about is to stop telling them what to do and start telling them what to do differently.

For example, a blog post about losing weight before the wedding should not be talking about the things that people have heard a million times, like eating right or exercising. It could include as an element of surprise or how to do differently by talking about sleeping more. (I’m obviously no weight loss expert but people who sleep more have a much easier time losing weight because sleep is tightly related to the amount of will power we have).

If you start including the things nobody has told your audience before or they haven’t heard about, you can make yourself much more memorable.

Next Step
Once you have the attention of the right people, you need to direct that attention into ONE action. Think of that ONE action. (For my business, my favorite ONE action I invite people to take is to come to a class. You might want to check "Class Into Clients" to build the right audience and fill your business with great clients).

Till next time… remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
With love

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