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9 Big Myths And Misconceptions About Getting High-Value Clients Online

Many experts set out to create a client attraction machine online. It makes sense for people like us – coaches, trainers, consultants, experts who can transform lives with our work – to want to spread the message, expand our reach and have a bigger impact.

Very few succeed.

I created a business entirely based on attracting clients online because I moved to the middle of the German Alps to marry my dear German-engineer husband. I didn’t speak any German at the time and we lived in a place with more cows than people.

This is all I do to attract clients. I don’t spend sleepless nights wondering where my next client is going to come from. I don’t shake hands at networking meetings wondering who might become a client. I don’t go to lunch so that people can pick my brain. I don’t travel to events. I don’t do public speaking… You get the picture…

In all the years I’ve been doing this, these are the biggest myths and mistakes I’ve ever seen when people like us try to attract high-value clients online.

1. The Button Myth

All I need is a website with a buy button (or hire me) button and I’m in.

Well… no. This is not like eCommerce where they sell physical products and all people need to do is see the product and read the description to be able to make the decision to buy.

The expert business reality - People who are ready to hire you need to talk to you if they are going to work with you. You probably also would like to have a conversation with them, right?

A much better way is to attract people who are ready to solve their problems, help them see the value of working with you and invite them to a meaningful conversation that results in your perfect clients hiring you.

2. The Hunting/Fishing Myth

Lots of “gurus” who teach online marketing, talk about “bait” and use all kinds of hunting or fishing analogies.

It’s not about “catching clients”.

This is not the right energy for a business like ours. It’s about attracting people who have a problem we can help them solve and are already looking for help to solve it.

3. The Big List/Free Offer Myth

Having a big list is a plus… and it takes time to build one.

Experts don’t have to wait till they have a big list to start attracting high-value clients online.
Most entrepreneurs who start using the web to market their businesses are taught to start by creating a free offer so that they can build their list.

Most people get stuck there, second guessing their choice of a freebie…

The reality is that you have to have a plan beyond that free offer… a path that takes visitors into choosing to become your client.

HOT TIP – Don’t get stuck into wasting time and energy into your free offer. You can have multiple free offers so that you can test them. You don’t have to wait till you have a big list to start getting clients.

4. The Big Following Myth

The same applies to having a big following…

You are not selling products so you don’t need thousands of new people every week.

You need a handful of people who are already looking to hire someone to help them to choose to work with you.

Like with a list, it takes time to build a big following. You don’t need to wait to start getting clients.

PRO TIP – Instead of a big following, focus on building an audience ready to solve the problems you are an expert at solving.

5. The Everything & The Kitchen Sink Myth

Many experts believe that “bringing their work online” means to dump everything they have into a website.

It doesn’t work like that.

The reality of bringing your work online is to create a path for the perfect clients to discover you, trust you and want your help.

And yes… of course, you can use the internet to deliver part of all your programs.

6. The Free Myth

Another harmful misconception is that everything related to marketing online is free because the internet is “free”.

What gets people stuck is the expectation to get everything for free or to learn for free to do everything themselves, like building a website.

The reality is that many tools are free and many are not. For example, one of the most amazing resources at our disposal is advertising. When done right, it can help us build a steady flow of clients.

7. The Tech Myth

This can be closely related to the free myth. You don’t need to be a tech genius as you don’t need to be an architect and a mason to have the house of your dreams.

The reality is that you need a solid strategy to get clients online and then you can hire help to build only what that strategy requires.

8. The Guru Myth

“I’m not a guru. I cannot get high-value clients”.

You don’t need to be a guru (or try to appear to be one) to get clients online.

“Guru-hood” is probably one of the worst positioning strategies for people like us, coaches, trainers, consultants, experts who can make a difference in people’s lives.

People are tired of the gurus and are looking for real. High-value clients have high-value problems to solve and they are looking for someone who can lead the way authentically.

The best path for you is to become an educator and champion for the success of your audience. In their minds, you will become their chosen leader in your area of expertise.

9. They Will See For Themselves Myth

To attract clients online experts need to be able to position the value they provide in a matter of seconds.

“The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it”. - Stephen Covey

Till next time… remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
With love

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