3 Hush-Hush Tips To Create Clients Online | Ana Rosenberg

3 Hush-Hush Tips To Create Clients Online


The skill of creating clients is the most valuable ability you can have in your business.


Nobody doubts that mastering the online part of this is key… not for the future but for the today…


It can create a high-level of complexity, confusion and overwhelm. (Everybody has something to say and most people who speak don’t do what they teach).

I’ve been creating high-value clients online since 2007 that I married my dear-German-engineer husband and moved to the middle of the Alps, not speaking much German. (I always joke that there are more cows than people here… and there are).

So… it was not that there were a lot of “networking” opportunities…

These are 3 keys I’ve learned and that might help you set your priorities of investment of time and energy online.

1. We are invisible by default

Visibility and invisibility is a matter of positioning.

With so much noise, our brains by default ignore almost everything and everybody. (With over 7 billion people on this planet, our brains are set by default to ignore humans).

The tragically funny part is that the people who are looking for you today might not see you.

So positioning yourself, your brand and your good work to be seen, valued and chosen by the very people you can uniquely help is key.

Positioning is not about bragging or self-proclamations of awesomeness.

The right positioning for people like us that have businesses based on our knowledge, information and expertise is to show up as a valuable, credible, relevant resource.

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2. The online sequence is key

Have you ever experienced the “online carousel”?

Do you know that feeling of doing and doing but not getting anywhere? I call it the online carousel.

One of the biggest things for forward momentum is to do the right things in the right sequence.

Let me give you one big example: a lot of experts give people the advice to start their online efforts by building their email list.

Growing your email community is awesome but this is the danger of starting there…

They tell you to grow your list and figure out what you’ll sell later. (To be fair, mostly marketers who sell list building courses do that but… still… it is kind of the thing you hear).

This is the big problem with this: by the time you figure out what to sell, the people on your email list have already chosen somebody else.

3. We are not selling a cute pair of shoes

E commerce strategies for physical products don’t translate well to sell our knowledge and expertise online.

Let me give you one common example…

A lot of experts try to sell their services by putting a buy button on their website.

Have you ever seen coaches, for example, selling their coaching by packaging it in 2 sessions, 3 sessions or 4 sessions a month and a button to book?

There are several problems with this but the biggest one is that the coaches of our example are turning their services into a commodity when they do that.

AND… most sadly, they’re robbing their potential clients of the opportunity of seeing the value of working with them.


Till next time remember…
Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere.

With love

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