7 Keys To Getting Paid Premium Coaching/Consulting Fees | Ana Rosenberg

7 Keys To Getting Paid Premium Coaching -  Consulting Fees

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If you're a coach, consultant, trainer or service professional who can help solve a big problem, you deserve to be rewarded for your expertise.

And still...

I see every day - and twice on Sunday - experts who are not able to gt paid high fees while others who might not be even half as good seem to win in the premium fee race.

STARTING POINT - You can be new. Maybe nobody has heard of you. Maybe you don't have a perfect niche, but...

Your stuff has to be great stuff that you are proud of. There is no way of winning in the long run otherwise. (You'll hear a lot about stopping working on your craft and only working on your business. I'm not one of them. Your craft is uber important and it's really cool to go on developing it. And let's face it, it's much easier to go on developing your craft when you are well paid for what you do).

Key ONE - Truth energy

People have BS detectors.

They also have truth detectors.

The fastest way to show up with an irresistible energy is to base your work on "what is" as opposed to "what is not"; to base your marketig on "what is" instead of "what is not" and to base yourself on "what is" instead of "what is not".

Key TWO - Non-commoditizing

When experts default to offer their awesomeness as a commodity, people perceive it as a commodity and resort to the cheapest price.

One example of turning your expertise into a commodity is to sell "coaching" as if it were "water" or "sugar or "flour". When people buy commodities, they defalt to the cheapest price.

Thought experiment - When was the last time you woke up in the middle of the night to google "get coaching"?

Key THREE - Well-designed premium programs

I'm not talking about putting together whatever as long as it looks like a lot.

That is an all-you-can-eat restaurant approach and all-you-can-eat restaurants usually don't command premium prices.

People see the value in investing in a well-designd premium program by themselves, without needing peruasion or pressure. They can see for themselves that they'll complete the program and be delighted instead of full of empty calories, if we continue the restaurant metaphor.

Key FOUR - Negative cost awesreness

This is something fo you: if you are aware of the financial and non-financial cost for the person not to invest with you to solve this life changing problem, then you'll see premium fees from a completely different perspective.

Key FIVE - Making the intangible visible

You need a premium program and to be able to communicate its value with words. I'd go so far as to say that a well-designed premium program has to contain its communication of value in its own design so that it makes it visible.

Key SIX - Simplicity

The more complicated something is, the more your potential clients will choose to stay with the problem they have. If they perceive the solution to be more painful than the problem, they'll choose the problem.

Key SEVEN - Hope

I'm not talking about "positive thinking", "optimism" or "false hope".

I'm talking about the hope that I can with your help solve this BIG problem. I'm talking about perceiving that with time and attention and your help, I can do it.

A well-designed premium program brings immediate hope, without having to have anything motivational.

Sometimes I feel that being "motivational" can put your people off instead of attracting them because they feel it will be difficult to keep that level of motivation.

Hope that something can be created or solved is true so it doesn't need motivation.

Thought experiment - Think of a big problem. Check for yourself how you think about taking action to solve it if you know that with expert help and attention, you can get it solved. Now think about the same problem without hope that it can be solved in your life. Notice what changes.

I hope you've enjoyed these keys as much as I've enjoyed making them for your coaching/consulting business because I love seeing real experts win and grow a profitable, sustainable business they are proud of.

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With love, 


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