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3 Steps To A Calendar Full Of Conversations With Potential High-Value Clients Ready To Work With You

One of the best ways of having an impact in people’s lives and enrolling the right clients in our work as experts (coaches, trainers, consultants, and other self-employed professionals) is through conversations.

Many experts tell me that they love to talk with potential clients but they are struggling to fill their calendars with the right people eager to talk to them and sign up to do their work.

Today you'll discover the way to offer free sessions in a way that is powerful, profitable, and incredibly valuable to your clients so that you can fill your calendar with the right people ready to sign up and work with you.

What Doesn’t Work

Thinking that because it’s free, it’s enough reason for people to sign up doesn’t work.

People who sign up to have a conversation with an expert are investing a lot, even if it’s apparently “free”. They are investing their anonymity (now they have to raise their hand and give you an email address, phone number, name, etc.) and their time. They are investing their vulnerability and talk to you about their deepest fears and struggles.

So just saying free consultation is not going to cut it.

Sometimes the phrase “free consultation” is interpreted as they are going to sell me something so that’s a huge reason why it doesn’t work. (Not many people are willing to sign up or a sales pitch).

What Works

It has to be a no-brainer for the right person ready to invest in solving an urgent problem to raise their hand to talk to us. So what works is to communicate the value they’ll receive in exchange for their investment of time.

These are my 3 steps to offer free sessions in a way that reflects the value people get (which far exceeds their investment of time) and makes the right people sign up.

STEP # 1 – Position The Conversation Right

You need to position your free session as a relevant resource that adds immense value.

Adding value is a phrase that is tossed around frequently so let’s get crystal clear about exactly we are talking about here:

“To add value is to help people get closer to the outcome they want to achieve” – Ana Rosenberg

A simple way of thinking of that is to ask yourself this question:

What will the person leave with after the free session?

For example, people leave my session knowing the number one thing they need to do to grow their business fast.

STEP # 2 – Name The Session

This is pretty straight forward: name your free session in a way that communicates its value.

For example, if I know that people leave my session with the number one best move to grow their expert business fast, I can call it “Business growth Acceleration Strategy Session”.

I like the term strategy session because it’s also descriptive of what is going to happen during the session.

Some other phrases you can use are: breakthrough session, clarity session, discovery session, or clarity session.

If you want a template to name your session, you can use this one:

__________________ (OUTCOME THEY DESIRE) Breakthrough/Clarity/Discovery Session

But Ana, I’m not able to give them the result they want in a session…

And you don’t have to promise that. What you are promising is what they will be leaving your session with.

For example, people leave my session knowing what are the hidden obstacles that might be slowing their business growth down and the number one best next step to accelerate their business growth.

If your free session is about weight loss, they are obviously not going to lose the weight all during your session so you shouldn’t be offering that. What is it they leave the session with?

PRO TIP – Some people choose to assign a dollar value to the session so that people understand what they are getting for free. For example, some people say “Complimentary XYZ Breakthrough Session (Valued at $XXX).

STEP # 3 – Remove Uncertainty

One of the easiest ways to help people make the decision to raise their hand and book a conversation with you is to remove the uncertainty of the unknown, i.e. walk them through what is exactly going to happen during the session.

One way to accomplish that is to walk them through what they will discover and what they will leave with.

For example, during this session, you’ll discover _________________ and you’ll leave with __________________.

PRO TIP – Another way of eliminating their fear of the unknown is to explain how to apply for the free session and how exactly it will happen.

The # 1 Don’t

Don’t make your free session all about your modality or methodology. Make it about the outcome your potential clients want to achieve because if you make your session offer about a modality, you are leaving a lot of people who don’t even know that modality out of the equation. Once people sign up to work with you, they will have the opportunity to experience your modality and become raving fans. Don’t rob them of that opportunity.

Next Step

Once you make the opportunity to a conversation with you irresistible, you need to put the invitation in front of the right people. I created
"Class Into Clients" as my elegant move to grow your audience and fill your business with great clients. Check it out here.

Till next time… remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
With love

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