How To Grow Your Perfect Audience Online Fast Ana Rosenberg

How To Grow Your Perfect Audience Online Fast With This Little Strategy


Today I’m going to share with you something that I started to do and has been working great… even in all the noise online. (It has gotten 20 times more attention and interest, too). 

And, of course, you know me…

I’m going to share my recipe so that you can create your own.

So what am I exactly talking about?

A silly, simple…


I wished I had done this sooner…

We have all heard of quizzes. (That is not new).

I discarded the idea as already done…

Was I wrong…

And then…

The idea came to me out of nowhere (where all the fresh ideas come from, right?).

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What I did…

I created a quiz with extreme diagnostic value for my audience. I made it short and simple. (Two minutes, 10 multiple choice questions).

The response…

It got a lot of interest and attention – much more than some other resources I’ve been offering for free. (On Pinterest, for example, it got over 20 times more attention).

My guess…

We are all interested in a personalized answer.

My Quiz Recipe

Quiz Formula


Choose a topic or question that has two or more possible answers.
Let’s use a web designer as an example. One question she could use is: what color should my website be?


Create the results first
Following our web designer example, she could have 3 results: blue, green, orange.


Create simple questions
And not too many. (You want the questions to be fun, too).


Name your quiz
What exactly are they going to get from the quiz?
In our example, it could be the “Website Perfect Color Quiz”.


Offer value first and next
So our designer can let people take the quiz first and then ask for their email address if they want the results. Together with the results, she can also add more value with extra resources. 

FREE Resource

You can use this fill-in-the-blanks template to post on social media

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Till next time remember…
Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere.

With love and quizzes

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