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If I Had To Start Over In Business Today...

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If I had to start over, what would I do is the kind of question I get a lot from people like us - coaches, trainers, consultants and other professionals who have a business based on our knowledge.

This time I got this question from a dear friend of mine.

This is what I know about her:

- She is awesome at what she does.

- She has a big heart and truly wants to help people.

- She didn't ask out of curiosity to see if the secret of all secrets with a push of a button would be revealed to her. She honestly wants to do well in business and knows that it requires skills and there are no magic secrets.

My answer...

Focus on one skill: having brilliant sales conversations that you enjoy having, not conversations you need to constantly motivate yourself to have.

Here's why...

The work you do is awesome. At the level of investment it deserves, the most effective way to let people see for themselves the value of choosing you is in a conversation.


The problem is that we tend to be scared of selling so we try to avoid talking to people as much as possible.

That's a recipe for wasting your best clients and opportunities.

It's also a recipe for devaluing and cheapening your offers.

I love the online world and all the leverage it offers. The problem with the online world is that it is not a substitute for a conversation.

Too many experts hope that jumping online is an escape from interaction.

I see again and again experts cheapening their great work by listing it with a buy now button in the hope of never having to talk to a person to sell.

At a certain level of investment, we need a conversation and a buy button only helps to devalue their offer.

Selling is part of doing business and it's not going to go away.

So my answer is to have a way of making a sales conversation be your favorite part of doing business.

Where to start...

A New Game Of Selling

The first thing I did...

I found my own definition of selling and I define the game according to my own rules.

In my game of sales, it's not about persuading, manipulating or pushing.

In my game of selling, I sit on the same side of the table as the other human being talking to me and we both look in the same direction together: what's possible for that person.

This is a game I don't need "affirmations" or "techniques" to want to play full out.

A Path For Your Potential Client To See For Themselves The Value Of Investing In Working With You

When the right person sees for themselves something, there is no need to persuade, push or manipulate.

I made it my job to develop a path I could lead people along that would be of incredible value to them and would let the right people see the value of working with me.

I'm not talking about a script...

In a sales conversation, I'm not a fan of scripts.

Scripts should work wonders in theory.

What's the difference between theory and practice?

In theory there is no difference. In practice there always is.

In my first business, I used to teach foreign languages. How far do you think people can sustain a conversation by learning a script? What happens when the other human being gives you an answer not included in your script?

The best way is to build a path you can lead people along during this conversation.

This path has to be unique to you and what you offer and of great value to the person talking to you, too. For the right person, just walking this path led by you is revealing of the value of investing in doing your work.. So there is no persuading or pushing.

It's quite simple.

Try to push or persuade a child or your partner.

How well does it go?

Now, if it's their idea the whole dynamic changes, doesn't it?

Fearlessness & The Fear Factor™

Notice I haven't said "courage". What you need is to know how fear is created so that you can stop innocently creating unnecessary fear.

Forget techniques or doing.

I'm talking about an understanding of how the mind works (including how the mind creates fear).

Once you see the trick of how any human experience is created, you are free of the fear factor.

The "Fear Factor"™ is that fear of fear that makes us shrink to accommodate our fears.

For example... 

"I cannot have sales conversations because I'm afraid of rejection so now I have to find a way of signing up clients without ever talking to people. So now my business and my world shrink".

Once we understand how unnecessary fear is created, we don't have to shrink possibility to account to the fear factor and that's true freedom.

What if you could lead profitable conversations from a place of delight and inspiration?

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere, including your sales conversations.

With love, 



PS - If you would like to build your own path for a brilliant sales conversation from a place of fearlessness, this might be perfect for you...

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