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Momentum - The One Thing To Grow Your Business The Fastest

I was asked one of the questions I hate the most: What is the one thing to do to grow my business the fastest?

There are several caveats and a simple answer...

First, we're talking about growing the fastest humanly possible (not a magic thing).

Second, the "one thing" doesn't exist (hence my intense dislike of the question).

Third, there are things in our control and things that are not.

Having said that, this was my answer...

"What creates growth and money in a business is value."

So if I had to choose only one thing, it would be to focus on the biggest value possible (and to communicate it, too).

So what exactly is value?

"To add value is to take your clients closer to the outcome they desire". - Ana Rosenberg

You can think of adding high value as making the biggest difference possible.


Super important. It has to be a difference that your clients perceive as desirable.

(I don't know how to put it more creatively so that I don't feel I'm repeating myself but... people buy what they want,
not what you want them to buy).

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Where does the value we bring to the table really come from?

We often think it comes from hard work.

So we are tempted to emphasize the hard work instead of the value to the client in our communication.

What can create momentum today

Adding value is not enough, it also has to be communicated so that clients see for themselves the value.

What you can do today is to make sure that your communication is focused on that transformation you provide.

Example of what I do - I make sure that when I talk to a potential client I'm putting the focus on the transformation they want and not on how it is delivered. (Nobody cares how many hours of training they get. They care about growing their business, signing up high value clients and building a global brand that is loved and sells a the case of my audience).

Till next time remember…
Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

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