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How To Create The Content For Your Book Fast

..especially if you don't think of yourself as a writer.

"I can't even think of publishing a book because I don't see how and when I'll be able to write it", said one of my private clients.

I'm a huge advocate of publishing a book (or several) for your business and I actually guide my private clients to publish theirs during our year together.

The moment they hold their book in their hand and they put it to work for their business is one of the most rewarding and profitable moment for their business. PERIOD.

The problem is that if they cannot see themselves creating the content, the book stays on their to-do list for good.

So I'm going to walk you through the process I share with my private clients that has always resulted in at least a book, if not several.

Super cool tool (free) that you can use is also included here.

Let's get clear about a couple of things first:

Our Goal: we're talking about publishing a profitable book to grow your business, especially by bringing high-value clients.

Our Mission: to create the raw content for your book fast.

These are the steps to create content for a book fast:

1. Keep your reader at heart

When I start writing the content for a book, I start by thinking about a dear friend.

I pretend my friend is having the problem I'm solving in my book but...

Here is the catch...

... I can only hand them the book. They cannot come and work with me.

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2. Check your topic

If a client comes with the idea of writing the "bible" on their area of expertise, I know it will be very hard to finish producing all that content.


.... It won't be that helpful to the reader because they would have to immerse themselves into the book and work hard to find the solution to their specific problem.

For example, a cosmetic dentist is better off choosing "sub topics" for several books rather than publishing only one book about beautiful smiles.

The cool thing is that sub topics like teeth whitening or veneers speak directly to what the reader wants to achieve.

So, check your topic and see if there is a specific problem your book can address.

The Halo Effect - Even if our dentist is looking to position himself as an Authority in cosmetic dentistry, a book on teeth whitening achieves that for him.

(We're used to position specialists as authorities in our minds. So a book on teeth whitening says specialist in cosmetic dentistry).

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3. Speak your content

"All books are spoken" - Ana Rosenberg

We might get writer's block but we seldom get talking block.

This is my favorite way of producing the content:

a. Make a list of questions to answer.

It should be a list of questions to draw your content from inside your head.

b. Make some notes about the main points you want to address for each question.

c. Record yourself answering question by question.

It's great if somebody you trust can sit together with you and ask you the questions because our most natural response when we are asked a question is to answer it.

And, you can interview yourself. No problem.

The Toothpaste Tube Effect - When you first press your tube, you don't get toothpaste out smoothly.

When you start talking, you might feel the same way.

Keep talking.

Remember - Nobody needs to hear the recordings.


Now you have the different pieces of the content puzzle that you can mix and match for the different sections and chapters of your book.

Cool Tool

As promised, this is an online tool I've been experimenting with:

You can sign up for free here:

Once inside your account, find the record button. It'll start recording your answers and transcribing it at the same time.


You could use this strategy to produce other content, like blog posts and articles.

Do you prefer to write?

You can adapt this strategy and write your answers in a series of emails to yourself.


Take it for a test drive.

Sign up for otter 

Answer this one question and record your answer:

What is the question people ask you again and again about your topic?

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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