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Is Online Really Overcrowded? And How To Stand Out Anyway

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"Everybody and their mother is online now" said a new client of mine.

This is what i told her...

Last Saturday I met a group of professional women that happen to be dear friends of mine.

Neither of them has a clue about all the things we know about the online world.

Now with this weird times we are going through, they have started to have a very special interest in what I do online for other independent service professionals.

A big lesson for me: life is not online.

Go and check it out for yourself among your people. See what you see for yourself.

This is what I mean: when we spend time online we start to think that everybody in our field is obviously there, too.

On top of that most of what we see is "magazine" success and we may start to think
that we are "behind".

On Saturday the gals repeated how impress they always have been that I have published so many books!

To me it's like "normal". Everybody has at least a book in the online circles I frequent.

The feeling we have that everybody is online is just a feeling. It's not reality.

At the same time...

The online world is the present, not the future and it's not going to go anywhere.

Businesses and professionals who could afford the luxury of leaving all the online stuff for later, have realized that now it's urgent.

And yes, lots of people and businesses are trying to figure it out now.

Where to start...

All this online stuff can be confusing and feel overwhelming.

For people like us who have businesses based on our expertise to help people, the place to start is learning to use the Internet to attract the best clients for us.

Here is more help with where to get started today...

3 Solid Online Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today

How to stand out online...

Standing out is quite simple because most of the people there are doing stuff that only makes them invisible.

The answer to standing out and attracting your perfect clients, students or patients is to position your personal brand right.

Positioning is all about becoming visible instead of staying invisible to the people you can help.

Visibility is not about being on social media and posting online all the time.

The visibility online that we need to achieve for our businesses is all about NOT BEING INVISIBLE to the people we want to help and impact.

That visibility is achieved through the right positioning.

As human beings that we all are, we have bandwidth to pay real attention to very few things. We pay attention to things that are relevant to us in the moment and the rest of the ocean of messages and people online literally become invisible to us.

The key to stand out online is to become a relevant, credible, valuable resource to the people you want to attract.

Next Step

If you want more on positioning and building an online brand that attracts your best clients, students or patients, you can read more here:

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How To Boost Your Brand To Attract High-Value Clients Even If Nobody Has Heard Of You

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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