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How do I start a website irresistible to my best clients? The road map

If you’re a modern expert or entrepreneur with a mission and a message, this is the exact step-by-smart-step to create a website that positions you as a Leading Authority to attract your best clients and do business on your terms.

The Road Map – today we’ll talk about the complete overview of starting a website to attract your best clients. In some cases, it is “re starting” a website that positions you as a Leading Authority in the eyes of the people who are ready to invest in working with you. We’re talking about a website that allows you to stand out in the minds of your future clients lost in an ocean of people who seem to be doing exactly what you do.

The Starting Point

You’re in the right place if you’re what I call “ a modern expert with a mission and a message” - whether you’re a service professional, a coach, a trainer, a consultant, a thought leader or an entrepreneur - who is ready to create a profitable, sustainable business to be proud of.

Let’s get the word “expert” out of the way. I can hear from my office in the middle of the Alps already. “Who is the expert?” “Me, no way.”

The definition of an expert we will be using here is someone who can help another human being achieve a result and somebody who cares about the success of the people they help.

If you’re asking yourself “am I an expert?” you probably are.

You’re actually a remarkably ethical person and you are thinking to yourself “can I honestly tell this other human being that I can help them with xyz?” And it is good that you are questioning the fact of whether you are real.

People that are not “real” just want tactics and hacks to “manufacture authority” and this is not what we will be talking about. That’s why we start with the real definition of expert: a person who can help people get closer to the outcomes and results they want to achieve.

How do I know? My clients tend to be these humble people who think that they still need another course, another certification or another modality until they can consider themselves an expert.

WARNING – This is NOT for people who are looking for a push-button-get-rich thing. We’re talking about a website that positions you as a Leading Authority in your field of expertise and contributes to building your expert business.

The Primary Goal Of An Expert Website

A website can achieve several goals…

… AND there is one goal that each expert website achieves a 100% of the time, whether we pay attention to it or not. It is an important goal because it determines the success of all the rest of the goals for your site.

If there is one fundamental principle — one “secret ingredient” — that I apply and teach successful expert when building successful businesses, it’s the ability to position somebody who can help people and activate their Leading Authority status so that selling becomes easy. People are magnetized and gravitate towards them. People want to listen to them. People trust them. People look forward to what they have to offer and ultimately buy from them.

The way to start creating a website is by making the Leading Authority Positioning the primary goal of your website, which - by the way - doesn’t mean to brag or to make an “all-about- me-the-super-mega-expert” site.

The Destination

So now we’ve established that the main goal for your website is to position you right.

What is this “positioning thing” anyway?

When we see another human being for the first time, our brain very quickly needs to decide if this person is a "friend", an "enemy" or "not relevant and can be ignored".In other words, as human beings we need to classify information very fast.

In a matter of seconds we decide at least 3 things about another human being:

- Are they going to provide us with resources (we’ll call them “friends”), are they an enemy or are they irrelevant?

And most often than not this happens before the human being in front of us has even the chance to open their mouth and say a word (or get their first word read on their website).

Once they decide you are not an enemy or irrelevant, but a “friend” who will contribute resources, they will classify you according to the resources you provide.

What happens in the online world when somebody “discovers” you is that they will make the same subconscious judgments and “place” you or “position” you in some category.

This is especially relevant if an ideal client ready to hire someone checks you out online. Think about it. Everybody googles. What are they finding about you when they google your name?

Being strategic about this simply means to decide what to show so that you have more chances of landing the position you want in the minds of your ideal clients. Being strategic about a website that positions you right is crucial to give your message a fair chance to be heard.

The Road map

Let me share with you the CHOSEN System, a step-by-step strategy to create an expert website that instantly positions you as a Leading Authority in your filed without you ever having to brag or self-proclaim yourself an Authority.

Choose the audience for your website
Hot, big, expensive, urgent problem
One piece of content that has authority written all over it
Show case your Leading Authority activators
Engaging, helpful content
Now put it all together in a website.

Let’s walk the road together: Start by choosing the audience for your site because they are the heart of your website. For more, read

Once you have your audience, get clear about the problem you help them solve and the outcomes you help them achieve. Once you have clarity about a problem you help your audience solve, you’re ready to offer relevant help by producing one piece of content that will help them immediately get closer to the outcome they desire. You’re going to offer that help as a free gift. You’re going to include some of your best stuff. (If you give some of your most powerful stuff away, people will automatically think to themselves “Wow. If this person is giving this away for free, I cannot imagine what the paid stuff is like.”). And you know what? You always have more awesome stuff to give. Anybody who is an expert in something has plenty more to give.

The important thing here will be how to position this piece of content so that it doesn’t fall into the crack of “just another free gift”.

POWERFUL HINT - There is one piece of content that has Leading Authority written all over it. You can leverage the oldest and most tried and true strategy that makes “invisible Authority” real and tangible… a published book. (We are not talking about an e-book here). The word “authority” itself comes from the word “author” so one of the fastest ways to activate your Authority is by leveraging a trigger that already exists: as human beings we assign Leading Authority position to authors. We say things like… “She has written the book about the topic”.

You can, of course, package that first help you provide in a format that is not a published book.

So now, you have your audience, the outcomes you’ll help them achieve and you have produced one piece of content that will immediately help them move closer to their desired outcome (whether in the form of a published book or another format).

What you are going to concentrate on now is collecting something that I call “Leading Authority Activators”. These are elements that you’ll add to your website that trigger trust, credibility and authority in the mind of your website visitor. These Authority Activators include third-party credibility triggers such as media exposure that you have received, articles that you have published in different channels, etc. I can talk all day long about how great I am and there is a limit to how much of that people tolerate. Plus, it is not as credible as when a third-party says that “Ana Rosenberg is a leading expert”.

There are many visual Authority Activators, including two fundamental ones: the overall design of your site and images. (You want a clean, professional design and all the visual elements to enhance your message).

Now, let’s talk about the rest of the content of your site to position you as a “thought leader” without you ever have to call yourself a thought leader in your social media profiles. An excellent way is to have a blog that displays your perspectives and ideas (aka “thoughts”) that will bring your audience closer to the outcomes they wish to achieve.

Let’s recap what you have until now. You have chosen your audience, the big, expensive, urgent problem you solve, you have an irresistible piece of content to give away that will help your visitor move closer to the outcome they desire, you have other Authority activation triggers and you have organized engaging, helpful content that positions you as a thought leader.

The last step is pretty simple: bring it all together in a site that offers incredible value by taking the visitor closer to the outcome they want to achieve and positions you as an authoritative resource.

Next Step

Start by getting crystal clear about your website audience and the words you need to communicate the value of your contribution.

Till next time… remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
With love

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