Ana Rosenberg, Business Coach, Featured on Influencers Radio | Ana Rosenberg

Ana Rosenberg, Business Coach, Featured on Influencers Radio

Ana Rosenberg, Business Coach, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show.  She discussed how she helps modern experts in the helping industries build and grow successful and profitable businesses.

APRIL 10, 2015

Ana Rosenberg helps modern experts who have a mission and a message, such as coaches, highly experienced professionals, consultants, trainers, authors and speakers, who are ready to build profitable and sustainable businesses that they can be proud of – and do it quickly. These are the professionals that help to transform the lives of the people they work with.

She discusses several issues which can inhibit the growth of a business for many who are great at helping others.

According to Rosenberg, “The professionals I help are great at helping people. They have this passion and a mission. They know that’s what they were born to do. And they invested a lot of time and effort on their craft to really be masters of their craft. But sometimes, they struggle with the profitable business part of the equation. Because they find that talent is not enough.”

Rosenberg discusses several areas which can be a problem, such as marketing, sales and the word “money.” She believes that sales should be human conversation in human language. The professional should position themselves as the only solution to that person that they can help.

She also focuses on the feeling many in this type of profession have that they should be helping others for free. She shares, “Usually as human beings we value what we invest in. You’re positioning to fail with that human being if you help them for free because that human being is not going to take your help seriously enough. You’re lacking the investment of money, but also the investment of time and effort.

From the business point of view, when you are beginning your business, you’re in no position to do that. But the more profitable and sustainable your business is the more chances you’ll have to help the people that really have no means to get your help.”

Rosenberg relates how she came to be doing the coaching she currently does. She, herself, struggled to build a business after graduation. She was in a very competitive market and had no one to advise her on how to get clients. She slowly figured out what worked and what didn’t work. She started building her business and became quite successful. Others noticed and asked for her help and, over time, she realized helping others build their businesses could, in itself, be a business she could do.

Rosenberg shares some very insightful information and recommendations which will help those in the helping professions who are struggling to build their businesses.

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