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Business Consultant Ana Rosenberg Signs Book Deal With AR Authority Publishing

Business Consultant Ana Rosenberg has signed a deal with AR Authority Publishing to publish the upcoming books Business Brilliance and Fearless between 2023 and 2025.

March 21, 2022

AR Authority Publishing announces signing a book agreement with Business Consultant Ana Rosenberg for their Number 1 Best-selling Business Series. Rosenberg will author two business books "Business Brilliance" and "Fearless" between 2023 and 2025.

Business Brilliance will cover a fresh new way of growing your business the fastest from a fresh new place for success: a place of peace, natural confidence and business brilliance. Fearless will be the little book of understanding how fear really works so that you can be free to thrive in business.

When asked about her plans for the books, Rosenberg explained that "the number one obstacle to grow a business is fear in different shapes and forms. What if you could grow your business without fear? What if fear were not a factor at the moment of making decisions that shrink our world? What if you could create your business from the same place that all successful people create theirs? ”Fearless" is all about a little understanding of how fear -and all other human experience - is created so that we can be truly free to create in the world. "Business Brilliance" will be an exploration to uncover the real source of wisdom, natural confidence and brilliance to thrive in business and in life."

“We are thrilled to work together with Ana Rosenberg to bring her professional experience to business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs. AR Authority Publishing strives to promote the success of the expert industry as a whole by providing effective strategies to help modern experts with a mission and a message grow their business and impact in the world with their transformative work. We feel that the business results that Ana Rosenberg's work has proven to deliver are going to be invaluable for every professional, business owner and entrepreneur", stated the spokesperson at AR Authority Publishing.

A 7-time best-selling author, Ana Rosenberg is an advocate for the success of modern professionals, experts and entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their good work. Ana specializes in advising service professionals, experts and entrepreneurs to help them build a profitable, sustainable business to be proud of by uncovering the source of their business brilliance.

"Business Brilliance" and "Fearless" will be published between 2023 and 2025 and will be available on and other international book retailers.

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