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How I Got My Business Unstuck Online

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When I married my dear-German-engineer husband, I moved where he lives: in the
middle of the countryside in the German Alps - aka. the middle of nowhere with more cows than people.

Since I don't work with cows, I made the decision to attract clients from all over the world online.

Cool... except...

I was stuck in the chicken and egg situation for a very long minute.

Do you know when you start to figure out this "online thing" and there is a lot of overwhelm and "stuckness" because you need something to offer online only to discover that without an audience it won't work?

The way it is taught mainstream a lot is to "build a list" even if you have nothing to offer and then figure out what to offer.

NOTE - I don't think of people as numbers on a list simply because a person is a person. So I use the phrase "email community" in my business.

The reality for people like us - coaches, consultants, trainers and independent service professionals:

By the time you have a "list", they have already chosen to invest in working with someone else.

These are the three shifts I made to get out of the online business samsara (the never ending Buddhist wheel of birth, suffering and death).

1. Simplicity

I redefined my priorities: I stayed with attracting people who needed and wanted my services.

And I stayed with that for a long time.

It was only this year that I launched my first online courses (because everybody wanted to figure out this "online thing" and I had no capacity for more private clients).

2. Value

I uncovered the value I was really offering and the words to communicate it.

PERSONAL NOTE - I started with my services and - as I was telling you - I stayed with my services for a long time.

3. Simultaneity

It is not sequential: first build your audience and then offer something.

When I did it "sequentially", I was always stuck.

I developed a simple system to BOTH grow an audience of people who are looking for a solution right now and are ready to invest in help right now AND inviting them to a conversation.

That's where I relied on the true leverage of the Internet: in one move I could grow my audience and fill my business with clients.

I love to teach and help so i designed a system to teach a class that is immensely valuable and attracts the people who are ready to choose their coach/consultant/trainer right now.

I use the invitation to the class as a way to grow that specific audience. I use the class to invite the right people to a conversation.


And that's how
Class Into Clients was born.

If you would like to have a class that
attracts the right audience and fills your business with clients, Class Into Clients might be perfect for you.

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With love, 


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