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Have You Looked For New Clients Here?

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This is one of the question I get a lot from people like us who have a business based on their expertise - coaches, trainers, consultants, independent service professionals:

Where are my clients hiding? Where can I find people ready to invest in working with me?

Last week I was telling a client of mine to look in this specific place and I thought I would show you, too.

Once you start talking to people, you will have started to notice that some people are ready now and most people are not...

... yet.

You can keep a list of the not ready yet people and check out with them later.

You would be surprised at how delighted people are that you've remembered them.

And some of them will be ready by now.

The "trick" with this "strategy" is to come from a place of genuine care about how they are doing.

What you could say...

"Hi, I wanted to check how you are doing" could be a great beginning.

My biggest "trick"

The biggest "strategy" of all in my business is that I love to have conversations with potential clients.

I've found a way to have a sense of direction in those conversations (instead of a script) that adds immense value to the person so that they leave grateful we had that time together.

And, yes, some of them never become clients but they have referred people who have because of how much of a difference our little time together made for them.

So now all I need to do is to check how they are doing and if appropriate make them a brilliant offer. (More help on making offers, including offers for this case

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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