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The Profitable Online Course Creation Checklist™

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This is my personal checklist for creating my online courses and helping my clients create theirs.

Most importantly, it’s the checklist that allows to get me good at the skill of completing courses and cross them off the proverbial “to do" list.

 1. Choose a profitable topic and narrow it down

Your students will gladly exchange their money for value. That’s what makes a topic profitable. This is my personal definition of value:

“To add value means to take people closer to the outcome they desire.” – Ana Rosenberg

BIGGEST MISTAKE – Choosing a vague or broad topic. So make sure your course is doable and easy to complete for your students by narrowing down your topic if it is too broad.

 2. Validate the topic

Your course can be a profitable asset in your business or a royal waste of time. Validate your topic using reliable data to make sure you are investing your time in creating an asset for your business.

 3. Choose a name
Invest some time in coming up with a clear name that reflects the value of your course.

 4. Create a description
A brief description (one sentence or two) should tell your students why it is important for them to join your course.

 5. Find a natural way to take all the raw material out of your head

Uncensored, take all the raw material out of your head and into the world.

Personally, once I have all the raw material out into the world in a format I can play with, I know the only thing left is to edit and re-arrange it. So I know the course is happening.

TIP – Choose formats for your course that are friendly for you plus are perceived as valuable by your students. (You don’t need to turn your course creation into a Hollywood production for your course to be valuable).

 6. Make your course irresistible

You have made sure that your course is valuable. Now you need to communicate that value in a way that people get it.

TIP – Invest some time in the communication of value of each module and lesson of your course.

 7. Make sure your course stays relevant

Tech and science advance fast and can turn your course irrelevant fast, too. It’s useful to have a way to separate the elements that change fast so that you only have to replace one part of your course and not your entire course.

TIP – This starts with the choice of an evergreen topic. It’s better to choose a “classic” and make sure you are creating a “classic asset” for your business.

 8. Put it online for sale

There are many tech options to do this.

I like to keep the tech part minimalistic and simple. I personally use a simple solution that does everything: it allows me to put the course online and it sells it and collects payments, too.

 9. Write the sales page

If you are planning to offer your course in your website, you’ll need a great sales letter that communicates the value of your course.

TIP – Aim for clean and professional design. The most important piece of art here are the words you choose. Remember that some people will buy from their phones, so simple, clean and professional wins.

 10. Have an effective way to grow your audience for your course and sell it at the first time

The mistake that keeps people stuck with courses is to think they need to have an email list before they can sell their courses.

Of course, it’s great if that is the case but what if it isn’t?

The widespread advice is to grow your email list BEFORE you have anything to offer.

Growing an email list without having anything to offer is not such a great idea because by the time you have something to offer, your audience has already solved the problem somewhere else.

TIP – This is my elegant move to grow your audience and sell your course at the same time: teaching a class. The topic of your class will grow your email list. Your class (not a pitch webinar) will create a great relationship with your audience. Inviting them to join your course at the end should be the natural next step so you don’t have to sell but to also teach that next step like you have been teaching your material.

 TIP - The power of the intentional ONE

I knew online courses were a great idea to help more people than the few private clients I can work with.

Then it became urgent – more and more people needed to grow their business especially online.

Still, my courses were not getting created.

Many great ideas and no course.

First, I needed the true intention of creating a course.

As soon as I knew I had the intention to create an online course, it occurred to me to focus that intention with the power of one.

I made my first online course in ONE sitting. In that case, I chose to create my course in one weekend.
I knew I could do a weekend sprint instead of a long marathon that I had tried before without being able to complete it.

If you want my exact step-by-step system to choose a profitable topic, validate it and create online courses, Online Course In A Weekend™ might be for you. Check it out here.

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With love, 



Online Course In A Weekend™

the complete, finally-get-it-done system to create an online course in a weekend

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