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The One Neglected Page That Can Instantly Get You Clients Online

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"I have the feeling that there is something missing but I don't know what" said a new client.

"From the Facebook ad they go to a form to fill in in order to get information about the courses we sell via WhatsApp and mail.

We are spending a fortune and then nobody buys."

This is what this small training company has been doing so far...

They are selling three online courses via Facebook ads that tell people to leave their contact info to get more info
about those courses.

People do fill up the form including their cell phone number.


Before knowing if something is working or not, we should know our numbers and what to expect.

For a cold audience, they have been having great results with people filling in the form with their contact information including their phone numbers.

The percentage of sales they can expect is 0.5% to 1% and that was exactly what they were getting.

The One Page I Told Them To Add

Let's revise their path from a person that has never heard of them to becoming a  client.

They see a Facebook ad, they click on the ad, they get to a landing page to fill in a form with their contact information and that was it.

Now I told them to add a thank you page with a video giving a brief but powerful tip about exactly what those people wanted to know and then to tell them about the courses on that thank you page.

Now the person who has never seen them before has an experience of the trainer as well as value in advanced.


They have already said "yes" to receiving information about the courses so following that same "yes", they get to know more about the courses at the very same moment.


Their sales started to improve plus their follow up also started to work better.

Next Step

Do you have strong "thank you" pages in your client path? Go ahead and see if you would like to optimize it.

If you are giving away some kind of free report, your thank you page can have this format:

1. Reassure them that their report is on its way to their inbox. (This is important because they start to see the need to open your emails. If they gave you a fake email and they really want what you are offering, they'll go back and put a better email. I see that all the time).

2. Give them some fast win and tell them what their next step is. (Their best next step could be booking a free consultation with you, for example. In that case, I would also include a link to an online calendar to book their preferred time or a link to an application form if they need to qualify for a free session with you).

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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