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What Bam Can Teach Us About Positioning For High-Value Clients

Do you ever feel that your good work is meant for more? Do you ever have that nagging feeling that the people you could be helping the most don’t even see you?

Most experts’ messages get ignored by the very people ready to invest in solving the very problem that those experts solve.

Is it a marketing problem?

Not initially…

Some of those experts market and market and still don’t find a way of connecting with their audience. (One of the saddest parts is that they have to watch their market place choose inferior solutions without being able to do much about it).

If it is not initially a marketing problem, what is the root issue?

Positioning because it determines it determines whether a person, their work, their message will be seen, valued and respected… or ignored.

What is positioning and why does it matter to experts?

Positioning is a natural process that takes place in your audience’s mind that in a matter of seconds decides whether you are someone to be seen, valued, respected or ignored.

When we meet a person, the most ancient part of our brain decides where to “position” or “place” that person.

This is our menu of options:

- Friend (provider of resources=
- Enemy (someone to run away from or to fight)
- To be ignored (with 7 billion people on this planet, this is the category where most people are positioned).

Positioning is key because it will determine whether your good work will be valued and respected, ignored or resisted.

The positioning story of Bam

Let’s get into the story of Bam from a Volkswagen commercial and see who this adorable little ram positions himself and positions the different players in different categories in his mind in fractions of a second. (Watch how the people, the dog, the cow, the sheep and the car all get into the different categories we were talking about. Notice how they get treated differently because of their positioning).

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The business lesson

The business lesson for experts who want to make a good living with their good work is simple: position your work as a resource to be seen, valued and chosen by your best clients.

The Importance of being real

You can find a little video online showing the work of animation to make Bam as real as possible. Notice how much attention to “real-ness” was paid.

How can we start to translate that into our business today?

One place is our message.

More concretely, the words we use.

We can start ditching jargon, vague words and marketing language and start using the words our ideal clients use to describe their pains, frustrations and aspirations.

For example, nobody is awake at night having trouble to sleep thinking “I wish I could have more balance in my life.” “My problem is that I don’t know how to resonate with the frequency of money.” “I’m in a transition.”

Till next time… remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
With love

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