[Case Study] Selling By Delighting | Ana Rosenberg

[Case Study] Selling By Delighting

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One of the essentials to offer programs, courses and services online is to be able to collect payment.

I've been in love with my shopping cart from day one when I took a punt on them.

Yes, I became a client knowing that what they promised was too good to be true.(Basically, the flexibility to make any kind of offer I want).

Flexibility to make any offer you want!

Lifetime account - One time payment

Was it my intuition?


I decided to join because they are people like me, here for the long run. They made the shopping cart for their own business so that it is perfect for people like us who sell courses, trainings, digital products.

They made what was needed and wanted at the time.

In my business as well, everything that I offer comes from having it done for my business first.

Was it greed?


There was probably a little bit of greed involved in that decision.

They were offering a shopping cart for people like me, simple and extremely effective for a life time.

No monthly payments ever again.

So that was definitely a factor in my initial decision.

NOTE - If you want the same deal I got back then and more, stay tuned.

When I thought they could not delight me more...

I've been delighted with the shopping cart ever since.

It's simple to use and it also has a lot of bells and whistles that make it breeze-like to sell digital products online. (Yes, you can also sell physical products, too).

It integrated perfectly with my email autorresponder so as soon as people buy, they are added to a special email list.

And then they delighted me again.

They saw what digital training creators, coaches, consultants needed and wanted...

We needed a platform where those digital courses could live online that integrated seamlessly with the shopping cart.

And they gifted us with a platform to create digital courses as part of their shopping cart for free.

So now they are not just an awesome shopping cart. They created their own category because you can have your course, training or program online in 30 minutes (it's that easy to use) and the shopping cart to sell it.

The other shopping carts are just shopping carts and you still need a platform to password protect your content and a way to integrate it all.


How could you delight your audience this year?

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With love, 


PS - If you'd love to have a great shopping cart, a platform for your digital courses and programs all for a one-time lifetime offer, check it out here. (It's a limited time offer because they cannot do this all the time. So don't assume anything. See for yourself if it's a good thing for your own business).

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