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How To Start A Website That Attracts Your Best Clients

When starting a website, a lot of experts just jump on to design and technology… and they might end up with a pretty website that doesn’t do much for their business. That happens because they forget that the heart of a site is its audience.

In this article you’ll discover what you need to know to make your site resonates with your audience so that it creates desire to work with you.

The heart of your website: your audience

What we are going to do right now is to set the destination and create immediate rapport with your visitor. Before we do anything else, we are going to define your ideal visitor you want to attract. This is similar to choosing your destination before buying a plane ticket. It is really clever to decide where you want to go and then board the plane that will get you there. Does it make sense?

The reason why we are going to do this is that every market is made up of segments and your products and services are not “one-size-fits-all”, nor should they be. We want to find the segments of the market that are the perfect fit for you and repel the rest.

Repel? Yes, repel. Small businesses generally don’t have the marketing budget of big corporations. Therefore, if you try to reach all the segments of the market with your message, you will probably end up reaching nobody. We want to concentrate our time and financial efforts on the perfect segment, which is going to make you the happiest in your business!

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you are a weight loss expert. The weight loss market has several segments: natural weight loss, weight loss for mothers who want to lose the “baby fat”, weight loss for men, weight loss for brides-to-be who want to look fabulous on their wedding day, weight loss for kids, weight loss for people who want to lose the last 5/10 pounds, people who would like to lose 20 pounds or more, etc.

The uneducated mind will want to target the whole weight loss market instead of recognizing that there are “sub-cultures” in the market.How smart would it be if we did weight loss for brides to devote our resources to target kids and men as well?

Not very.

Understanding your site visitor

Once you know which segment of the market you target, you need to discover their biggest desires and problems.

Let’s do a brief experiment together. Start by answering this question: What Is Their Biggest Desire?

HOT TIP - Go deep with your answer until you reach their deepest desire. The first answers are usually just surface desires.

If we go back to the example of the weight loss for brides, the first answer might be to lose an x amount of weight. If we go on asking why this is important, we get to the real deep desire, which in this case might be desirability. They want to look great in their wedding dress and be the fairest of them all.

Now answer this question: What Is Their Biggest Problem They Are Aware Of?

These insights into your audience will determine how you communicate with your visitor and, most importantly, how you can help them with free and paid offers.

Creating immediate connection with your visitor

The next step in this process is to establish immediate rapport.

The Internet and the online world tend to have a weird side-effect. We start to think we are talking or writing to an amorphous mass. In reality, only ONE person at a given time is visiting your website. You are not addressing a group of people. So from now on, you will be creating your website, your blog posts and articles, social media posts for one person.

One way of doing this is by creating a website avatar. To set the right tone for your engaging communication, we are going to create your AVATAR, the person you will be talking to in all your future interactions. The idea here is to turn a “mass of people” into ONE person who represents the whole and communicate with that person in everything you write or say using the right language.

Another way of staying in a one-on-one conversation with your visitor is to think of what all your clients have in common and even imagine talking to and writing for one of your clients. That is a good idea if you have enough clients to know what characteristics are similar in all of them. This is great for people who have worked with plenty of clients and can tell exactly what their problems are, what questions they will ask, and so on.

Wherever you are in your business, you can use my “ideal visitor method”. Who do you want to attract to your site? Who are going to be your best clients? Who can you help the most? Think of one person you will be delighted if they call you for help in whatever your field of expertise is. At the same time, this is your chance to make sure that you don’t get clients that are not going to be a good fit.

There are certain things that you will need to know about that visitor so that he or she feels they are in the right place on your site and your message resonates with them. You can think of creating a website as building a house: who are you building a house for? Is it for a family of 4? Is it for newlyweds? Is it a house in the countryside for the author that wants to get away from it all and write?

I’m going to give you some questions that you will help you understand your ideal visitor so that you can talk to him or her in their language.

- What problems keep your ideal visitor awake at night?
- What are your ideal visitor’s daily frustrations?
- What does your ideal visitor hate?
- What does he/she worry about?
- What are your ideal visitor’s worst fears, especially the ones they would never share with anyone?
- What does your ideal visitor dream of? (I mean really, really, really dream of. Even if they are silly dreams that they would never dare to confess in public?)
- What’s currently holding them back from that dream? What’s their biggest struggle?
- What does he/she believe? (Especially as it pertains to what you do or sell...)
- What sub culture does your ideal visitor belong to? What language do they speak to each other in that sub culture?
- What makes him or her the happiest?
- What is your ideal visitor’s typical day like?
- Where does your ideal visitor spend their time - online and offline?
- What solutions is your ideal visitor already paying good money for?
- Who is already selling to your ideal visitor?
- What is your advantage?
- What does your ideal visitor google? What words or word combinations do they google when they are looking for solutions to the problems you solve?
- What goes through your ideal visitor’s head as they consider working with you?
- How do you want your ideal visitor to feel before they work with you?
- What would make your ideal visitor feel welcomed and catered to as they consider working with you?
- What stories are he/she telling themselves (true or untrue) about why they shouldn’t work with you?
- How do you want your ideal visitor to feel after they work with you?

Can you see that creating a website that will connect with your ideal visitor is much easier once you have these answers? That is why you start a website here.

Once you have clarity about your ideal visitor and know which language to use to communicate your marketing message, we are going to start helping him or her, which is always my favorite part.

Offer immediate, relevant help

Step number 3, after setting your destination and establishing immediate rapport is offering relevant help.

With everything you know about your visitor, their biggest desire and their biggest problems, ask yourself this question:

How can you help them right now?

Whatever you choose as your free gift, give them some of your best stuff. Something awesome that will help them right away. (If you give some of your most powerful stuff away, people will automatically think to themselves “Wow. If this person is giving this away for free, I cannot imagine what the paid stuff is like.”).

And you know what? You always have more awesome stuff to give. Anybody who is an expert in something has plenty more to give.

Next Step

Start crafting your website avatar. It is the most powerful step you can take to create solid foundations for a website that attracts your best clients.

Till next time… remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
With love

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