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5 Hot Tips For Online Marketing – What To Post On FB For Maximum Client Attraction

“I have a Facebook page for my business and now what shall I post?” is a question that I have been asked so often by people like us, modern experts with a mission and a message, that I decided to address it in this article.

In this article, you’ll discover…

-the fundamental principle that will help you make wise decisions when it’s time to post on your Facebook page;
-why your Facebook page is not like your website and it is a mistake to treat it as if it were a website;
-how to think about posting on Facebook;
-how to add value to your audience and position yourself as a celebrity authority in your field of business; and
-my famous Magazine Method for a client magnetic Facebook Page.

TIP #1 – Go to the heart of your business

To answer this question, let’s go to the heart of your business: what I call your “who”. Your audience is the heart of your business and by knowing and understanding your audience, you’ll be able to decide what to post.Think about the desires your audience have, their interests and passions. That will give you a solid starting point.

TIP #2 – Your Facebook page is not a website

People who have liked your Facebook page might never actually visit it again. They just get your updates in their newsfeed.

Think about how you use Facebook. You probably log in and start scrolling down your news feed to see what your friends and family have posted. Well, the people who have liked your Facebook page are not that different from you. They will see what you post on your page among other updates from friends and family.

The first thing that will catch the person’s eye is the image of your post. That will make them stop and look at the text above the image. So it is wise to choose powerful images. (The Chinese say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Choose your picture wisely).

On your website, you can write blog posts and articles and go in depth into different topics. That might not work so well in Facebook. Fast, easy-to-share, eye-catching updates tend to work much better.

TIP #3 – Your Page is like a party hosted on Facebook

You can think about most social media platforms as places where different parties are hosted. In this case, Facebook would be the platform where you can host a party for your audience.

Think for a minute about your audience. Imagine them at a party. What topics of conversation would you talk with them about?

I am not suggesting that you never talk about what you do and how you help people. What I am suggesting is that you don’t lead with “I sell XYZ. Buy my stuff or hire me”.

Facebook is not Google, obviously. We google for solutions and information. We use Facebook for entertainment and connection. Topics around problems don’t tend to do so well on Facebook. Uplifting and aspirational topics do better.

Let’s go back to the party analogy: who would want to admit at a party that they suffer from an embarrassing illness or that their marriage is falling apart?

It is best if you choose the hope, the inspiration, and the possibilities within your area of expertise when you decide what to post about on your Facebook page, particularly if you want people to share what you have posted.

Your website is a wonderful place where people can find out more about what you do. From time to time invite them to a party on your site, by posting about articles that you have written and that would be useful to your audience or by sharing free special trainings you do.

Tip # 4 – Add value and position yourself right

Don’t you hate it when people throw in words like “value” or “positioning” and they don’t explain them?

Let’s star with value: what I exactly mean by adding value is to take your audience closer to achieving the results they want.

Let me give you an example: if your Facebook page is about dog training, tips on how to train and look after your dog will add value because they will take your audience closer to the results they want to achieve.

A big part of the positioning riddle is to position yourself as the solution to a big, painful, expensive problem that your audience have. If you add value and help people achieve results, you will be also positioning yourself right, too.

Tip # 5– The Magazine Method

This is how I think about the content for Facebook pages: as if they were magazine. The main theme of the “magazine” will be what my audience are interested in, what they are passionate about.

In the case of the new Facebook Page that I have just launched as the research for my book “Clients From Facebook?” the theme is entrepreneurship that changes the world. (If you want to check it out and see the Magazine Method in action, it is https://facebook.com/AnaRosenbergFan).

The page celebrates entrepreneurship and businesses that change the world with what they do because this is something my audience is passionate about.

My audience is made up of female entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and modern experts with a mission and a message, coaches, authors, trainers, speakers, consultants and highly-experienced professionals who want to create a business around their expertise to change the world and make money.

A great strategy I have used is choosing a “theme” for the month. These are some themes I have chosen: love, spring, and reinvention. Then I can design the posts around that monthly theme and what would add value to my audience, not only from the marketing and business growth point of view, but also some other areas that will also help my audience get closer to the results they want to achieve.

I add time management tips, productivity tips, inspiration, and humor. Yes, humor is a really important factor for success so if I find something funny to share, I share it. I occasionally add recipes, news, trends, fashion, design and success stories and inspirational stories.

A lot of people will recommend that you post quotes. This is how I think about quotes and how I use them on my Facebook pages:

I think that many quotes come from profound insights that other people have had and I like to share those insights or enlightened moments with my audience. I occasionally share my own insights, too.

I also share blog posts and articles from my website and news about free trainings that might benefit my audience around the theme of the month.

Next Step

Get crystal clear about your ideal audience, how to communicate the value of your contribution to the world and your positioning before you start or continue posting on Facebook (or even some other social media channels). More is not better without these solid foundations... It is just more noise.

Till next time… happy facebooking. Remember your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
With love

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