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From Scratch to Client Attraction Tool: Where to Start Building Your Website as a Coach, Trainer, or Consultant

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Dreading the “w” project? Feeling lost in a sea of website choices and overwhelmed by technical jargon? Having the nagging feeling that creating a website is going to be a huge investment of time and money with little to show for it?

The answer… you need a website that can create clients for your business. Period. (This will give you a sense of direction for your strategy).

In this article, you’ll discover…

- Where not to start when building a website that can create clients for your business. (Super important to save time, energy and money).

- Where to start to create a website for coaches, trainers, consultants and independent service professionals. (Yes, I’ll show you what your biggest leverage in your marketplace is today. Plus, it’s absolutely free).

- The exact plan to end up with a website that can work for your business, instead of you working for your site.

Where NOT to start...

Don't fall into the trap of starting with design or getting lost in the intricacies of technology. While design and tech are essential components, they're like the frame of your website – crucial but secondary to the masterpiece: your words.

NOTE – You can relax. I’ll show you where to get everything you need for tech and design to help you create a website that is unique to you.

Forget about trying to replicate the perfect website you've seen elsewhere or emulating your competitors. Your business is unique, and your website should reflect that. Instead, focus on crafting a website that authentically represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

“Envy is ignorance, Imitation is Suicide.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Plus, if you start searching the web for bits and pieces of “websites you like” for inspiration, you’ll go crazy. (You never know how well that website is working and it’s not so smart to model a website from a business at a different stage than yours).

So, where to start…

Your biggest leverage today…

If there is one area to master for your business, it's writing words that move people into action.

There has been a lot of emphasis on “marketing”, "social media", "funnels", "podcasts", you name it. (It doesn't actually matter what new social media platform you are on, what funnel you have created, if your words are not good. If you cannot produce words that move people into action, nothing else will work).

Messaging is the number one skill to master. Period.

Everybody else is focused on amplification. They’re busy with amplification of messages: how to spread messages and the different channels where to spread the messages.

My question...

What is the message you're amplifying?

So first you want a good message, good words and then you can amplify it with ease.

There is no better way to start than by a website that has a good message, good words. (Then it's worth bringing people in to see a good message).

Let's say you put your efforts on advertising or on social media to bring people to your website. Are they going to be glad that they showed up?

Words and messaging come first.

Social media platforms are overcrowded. Advertising is more and more expensive. Your biggest opportunity and leverage is messaging and good words.

You are brilliant. Your work is brilliant. You deserve a brilliant website.

Do you know how certain events are burnt in your brain and you even remember where you were when they happened?

This was for me discovering the Internet.

Yes, I'm kind of old and I was there at the very beginning, when it took hours or even a day for an email to arrive.(In contrast, we used to write letters that took much longer).

I knew this "Internet" thing was epic .I just knew it.

I think I was right...

Today we can create clients from anywhere in the world with our websites, for instance. Isn't that awesome? Yes, in "awe inspiring".

That's one of the first thing my private clients get done: a brilliant website that can create clients for their businesses.

"I don't even know where to start..."

"I don't even want to think about my website", confessed a potential client.

"Do I really need a website?" "I have social media accounts already. Isn't that enough".

"I don't know what to write", confessed a client.

"I cannot finish my website design because they don't send me the content", confessed a web designer.

"I just copied bits from websites I like", confessed another client.

These are some of the most common reactions to websites.

I think website are “awesome” (as in “awe inspiring”) and yet very few awesome coaches, trainers, consultants and independent service professionals have websites that match their brilliance.


Because the idea of what a website should do is still in the 90s. Most websites are vanity brochures that don't do much for a business.

The solution...

... understanding.

Once you understand these...
- why your website exists and how it creates your best clients…
- how it positions your work to be chosen by your best clients…
- how to write the very few words you need for a brilliant website…

... it's easy to create your brilliant website.

I put together my Brilliant Website Blueprint so that my private clients would always know how to write a website that can create clients for them. This is how "Brilliant Website" was born. (If you want the complete system to craft a website that can create your best clients, you might want to check it out here).

The plan...

The plan is actually quite simple:

You need to…

- Discover simple guidelines to write an effective website with ease and joy. (Yes, you don’t have to be a writer to do this. In fact, you’ll see that you already have everything you need to shine).

- Understand positioning so that you’ll always know how to make your good work stand out and be chosen by your best clients. (Positioning is not about bragging or self-proclamation. It’s key that you know how to position yourself as a Leading Authority in the eyes of your audience).

- Master how to create clients from your website.

- Get your essential content ready. (You don’t need to turn yourself into a “content factory”. There is not much content you need to position yourself and your work right).

- Write the essential pages. (Home page, about page, work with me page, contact page. Each of these pages have to give your visitor what they need to become a client at their different levels of readiness. That’s what’s so tricky about writing your website: you never know why your visitors show up and what level of readiness they are).

- Once you have the words, create a website that actually works for your business.

Next step...

Check out Brilliant Website - the complete system to write a website that can create clients for your business. It also has everything you need to create your successful website, whether you decide to DYI or to outsource the tech stuff inexpensively. (Even if you don’t join the training, you’ll see everything you need to create your brilliant website).

Till next time, remember… your brilliance is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere, including creating your brilliant website.

With all my love,


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