Do You Need a Website? One-Minute Quiz for Coaches & Independent Professionals | Ana Rosenberg

Do You Need a Website? One-Minute Quiz for Coaches & Independent Professionals

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Let's have a look to see if a website is the missing piece in your business today...

My promise to you… you’ll know if it makes sense to create a website for your business and the exact kind of website you need to grow and attract your best clients.

Take the 1-minute quiz

Answer these 2 questions…

1. Are you in business for the long run?
2. Do you love what you do?

Only if your answer is “yes”, move on…

3. Would your work benefit from standing out to the very people you can help the most? Do you feel social media is saturated?

4. Would your business benefit from positioning yourself as a valuable, credible, relevant resource?

5. Do you find it difficult to make people listen to you in the noise of social media? Do you find it difficult to get traction on social that translates into clients?

6. Would your business benefit from a space that is all yours where your visitor has attention for what you have to say?

7. Would your business benefit from people being referred finding what they need to hire you?

8. Are you offering or planning to offer your services, programs, online courses, seminars, trainings?

9. Are you planning to write a book?

10. Are you planning to market your business online?

11. Do you want to get clients online?

12. Do you have a nagging feeling that it's time to have a website? Do you feel insecure every time you have to say to someone who asked for your website that you don't have one?


If you have more than 2 yeses, it's time.

This quiz has been designed for self discovery and self knowing.

BUDGET FRIENDLY TIP - If you're at the beginning of your business, you need to know that your website will evolve together with your brand. Don't spend in a super expensive website that you cannot change. Get a clean, professional site that you can change any time you want. You need to be able to create new pages as soon as you have an idea you want to test in your business, instead of having to wait for a designer to get back to you.

START HERE – Your leverage is in the words you write for your website.

NOTE - Don't worry, Brilliant Website has everything you need for a website that can create your best clients (and it’s budget friendly).

Why your website exists and what it needs to do for your business…

Your website exists to help you reach your primary business goals: getting clients, sales and profits.

So how exactly does your site do that?

1. Creating trust and credibility...

2. Positioning your work as a relevant resource that cannot be ignored...

Positioning is not about bragging or declaring oneself the “number one expert”.

Positioning makes the difference between being seen, respected and well paid for your expertise or…

… being invisible to the people who are already looking for your help.

NUMBER ONE GOAL OF YOUR WEBSITE – Position yourself and your work to stand out in this moment of market saturation.

3. - Unlocking your refer-ability factor...

4. Connecting and engaging with your ideal clients...

The moment your ideal client lands on your website, they need to see for themselves that they have come to the right place.

You need a website with the ability to create your best clients.

Clients don’t exist in the “wild”. What you do have is plenty of human beings who want things for their lives, relationships, finances, health.

Your website can have the ability to create clients for your work by giving the different visitors at their present level of readiness what they need to become a client.

5. Building your email community of ideal clients so that you always have ideal clients waiting to work with you...

6. Turning visitors who are ready into clients...

Yes, some people are actually ready to become clients today. You need a system to turn people who are ready into clients in 48 hours or less.

Everything you might need…

Brilliant Website is the complete formula to write a website that creates your best clients. Ideal for coaches, trainers, consultants & independent service professionals.

TEMPLATES - You get all my templates so that you always have the confidence of what to say.


It has everything you need to for a cool website that elevates your brand.

And much more…

You can check Brilliant Website here.

Till next time, remember… your brilliance is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere, including creating your brilliant website.

With all my love,


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