Where Are Your Clients Hiding Online? | Ana Rosenberg

Where Are Your Clients Hiding Online?

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I used to suspect that there was a secret place where I would find all my clients online...

After all, the "gurus" seemed to know the place...

If you don't know my story, I moved to the middle of nowhere in the German mountains when I married my dear German engineer husband.

That's when I committed with all my heart and soul to learn how to bring my work online.

Finding clients online was an integral part of being able to work from anywhere.

So let me show you where not to look first and then the main place where all the clients you desire are hidden...

Where NOT to look

It's not about discovering a magic button, a marketing tactic or a specific platform.

So maybe it's in the Facebook ads, you may ask...

Facebook is a wonderful place to advertise but it's not the answer to every client
getting problem.

I actually wrote the book about getting clients on Facebook years back when all the "gurus" were still talking about networking in person.

However, in my experience, it's useful to have a system in place to bring clients online organically first (organically means without ads).

Once you have a whole system in place that brings clients to you, Facebook is an excellent tool to scale.

What about having a website and blogging?

Again, in this day and age it would be weird if you were in business and you didn't have a website.

However, your website has to be part of a system to attract clients. The website by its only existence does nothing.

Blogging can be a solid marketing strategy but again... as part of your whole system.

If you have tried blogging and nothing seems to happen, it's not your blogging the problem, it's not having a system.

BTW, the same can be said about posting on social.

The "gurus" advise to post consistently and while it's good advise, it's incomplete. You can post till you are blue in your virtual face and if you don't have an audience, nobody sees your posts.

Again, posting on social should be part of a system not a random act.

So, Ana, if the clients are not in blogging, posting in social media, Facebook ads, having a website... where are they?

I'm going to take you through my discoveries when I explored online-land.

The first thing we need to prepare for this expedition is...

The Human Glasses

If we think about getting clients as if we had to go hunting or fishing, we start to think of humans as if they were deer or fish.

The energy of hunting is not useful, in my experience. And people feel it, too.

What we need is to put on a special set of glasses that help us see humans, not fish or deer.

Yes, before we set off to the exact spot where clients hide, it's useful to have glasses that allow us to see other humans like us.

The main spot where clients hide

The main place human beings who are looking for your help are hiding is...

... pain.

There is something in their lives they want different.

Here is the catch... it's a pain they know they have and they WANT it gone.

They are not looking for coaching, consulting, mentoring... they are looking for the metaphorical pain-killer.

Once I could see for my business what pain I could alleviate for my clients, it became
easy to speak their language (and not mine) and to find them.

Empathy and compassion

I'm not suggesting looking at what we do through the lens of pain so that we can exploit it.

I'm suggesting we proceed with empathy and compassion.

One of the highest expressions of empathy and compassion in my business is to add the highest value I can.

So, let me first define value...

"Adding value means to take people closer to the outcome they desire" - Ana Rosenberg

Now, it's your turn...

What is the highest value you offer?

This journey of exploration of the online-land is best enjoyed with...

A clear mind

A clear mind gives us the space to spot all the opportunities that are already available for us to add value.

I've found it's more about spotting opportunities to serve than to try to manufacture them.

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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