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5 Tips On How To Write A Book To Grow Your Business

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We see it everywhere: celebrity experts write and publish books.

We have the intuition that there is a money-book connection but we are not always aware of how exactly it works.
It is not magic. It is not linear: I write a book; I publish my book and I “magically” become rich…

...but I guess you know that.

For modern professionals, experts and entrepreneurs like us, the real money from a valuable book comes primarily from the people we attract to our business, the opportunities the book brings and not necessarily from book sales.

Note: We are talking about a business book (non-fiction) that actually helps you grow your business, attract your best clients, students or patients and do your best work.

1. Remember The Real Value Of Writing & Publishing A Book

Becoming a published author is a great asset for your business because it positions you and your good work as a valuable resource to the people ready to choose to invest in working with someone. 

If one highly invested client results from your book, is it worth it? Usually the answer is a resounding “yes”. And since your book can be leveraged in all your business growing efforts, this is one of the most lucrative uses of this asset.

The biggest value of writing and publishing a valuable, relevant book is the positioning value: you and your contribution are instantly perceived as a valuable, relevant resource in the minds of the people ready to work with you.

Positioning happens inside the minds of your audience. As human beings we very quickly decide to “place” or “position” people and businesses in a category in our mind: a resource, an enemy (or someone to avoid) or someone to be ignored.

Writing a book makes you referable. All those people in your network have now the perfect tool to refer you powerfully.

Your book can attract people to your community and grow your audience of people who want what you offer.

Being a published author opens opportunities, especially to speak and get media exposure. Event organizers, for example, usually give extra points to published authors because they know the work behind organizing your thoughts and knowledge when writing a book. The media is constantly looking for experts in different topics and having published the book on the topic certainly has authority written all over it.

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2. Give Generously

Choosing to educate your readers about a problem they urgently need to solve allows you to be a champion for their success, give generously and attract them to work with you.

A part of giving generously starts with choosing the topic of your book wisely. As important as the solution to the problem is to educate your readers about the misconceptions, little known pitfalls and obstacles along the way.

Common Mistakes – A lot of people write a “pitch in not so much of a disguise” while others set out to write “the bible” of their area of expertise. It is better to aim to solve one problem in each book so that the reader doesn’t have to search for the solution but rather feels understood and assured that the author has a relevant solution for their problem.

3. Solve A Real Problem Your Audience Has

The more urgent and difficult to solve the problem is, the greater the chances that the person reading the book gets attracted to the book, gets value from it and still decides to invest in working with the expert to solve all the rest of the problems that the book cannot solve because of the very nature of being a book.

Let me give you a personal example

One of my books (“Chosen”) is about creating websites that turn experts into Leading Authorities so that they can get chosen to do their best work. The book presents the whole solution, the whole strategy without holding anything back. What the book cannot do is the work. A lot of clients have chosen us to create those websites for them because they could see that we have the solution to that problem. Many choose to become private consulting clients to grow their business beyond the website.

4. Write & Publish A Book To Be Proud Of

Some people are constantly selling the concept of “manufacturing celebrity and authority” and propose that the book doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is that you can say you are a published author or a best-selling author.

I cannot disagree with that more. You need a book that you can proudly gift to clients, potential clients, event planners, the media, etc.

The title and the cover of the book play an important part here. So does the formatting of the book. This is not the place to skimp because people do judge the book by its cover and its appearance. If they cannot pass the cover, the content of the book has no chance.

5. Actively Leverage Your Book Before, During & After Writing & A Publishing It

As I mentioned, the success of writing and publishing a book is not linear: write – publish - become rich. Nor is it “magical” money.

It actually starts when you make the decision of writing your book. Yes, you can actually start leveraging this asset before it is finished.

The important thing is that you put your book to work for your business before, during and after you publish it.

Getting Started Bonus Tip – You can announce that you are becoming a published author by adding “author of the forthcoming book “Your Book Title” to your bio, social media profiles, speaker one-sheet, etc.

The right communication and engagement during the process of writing your book has very often a great positioning effect and sometimes a “reinvention effect” in the eyes of people that are the closest to you.

Once your book is published, it is time to celebrate and integrate that asset to all your marketing and business building activities.

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love


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