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The Simplest Way To Boost Your Business Online Today

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If your coaching, training, consulting, independent service professional business were a boat, how could we make it move faster?

The answer is simple...

We need to plug any leaks in the boat first.

A new motor will not cut it unless the boat is tight.

Because people like us are creative and passionate about many things, we look for new motors instead of fixing the boring old leaks.

The most dangerous leak you can fix today and...

... have fun in the process is to fix your offer.

Do you have an online paid offer?

You have probably heard about having something for free to grow your email list being the starting point online.

NOTE - I hate the phrase "email list" because I don't like to think of people like numbers. I use the expression "email community" because this is what I grow.

Anyways, more and more people are jumping online to solve their problems like never before.


What paid, professional offer can you make them beyond something for free?

Let me give you an example, a new mom looking to lose the baby weight will be delighted with a brief breathing exercise to lose the first pound but she still wants more.

The worst advice I've heard is "build your list and then down the line you can figure out what to sell".

That woman who feels it is a priority to lose the weight will find some other professional that ready to make an online offer to help.

An easy offer to make and to take

Why not offering an online course?

More and more people are buying education online to consume at their own pace so it's an easy offer to make and an easy offer to take.

It's an offer you can create once and turn it into an asset for your business today.

f you would like to add an online course to your offers, you might want to check Online Course In A Weekend here.

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With love, 


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Online Course In A Weekend™
The complete, finally-get-it-done system to create an online course in a weekend.


Online Course In A Weekend™

the complete, finally-get-it-done system to create an online course in a weekend

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