3 Questions To Start Creating Clients Today | Ana Rosenberg

3 Questions To Start Creating Clients Today

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... aka the skill to thrive in your business no matter what.

Everybody talks about "getting clients" as if there were a store where you could "get clients" or a place where you could "hunt them".

What if we could think about clients for our businesses in a radically different way?

The truth is that we are human beings surrounded by billions of fellow humans.

The truth is that fellow humans don't respond very well when we hunt them down to try to get clients. And they respond amazingly well, instead, when they see that we can help them achieve what they want.

That's the moment when...

... a client is created.

It's that magical moment when a human being sees for themselves the value you provide and they trust that you have their best interest in mind and heart to help them get there.

1. Value

The heart of client creation is to add value.

"To add value means to take people closer to an outcome they desire"
- Ana Rosenberg

QUESTION #1 - Where do you feel you can add value today?

2. Communication of value

Communicating the value you add is key so that people get it.

QUESTION # 2 - How could you use the language people use to communicate the value you bring to the table?

3. Brilliant offers

When you are sure you can help a person, you need to make them an offer.

QUESTION #3 - Who can you listen to TODAY to see if or how you can help?

What's a brilliant offer, anyway?

The most reliable way to grow your business is to make offers that people feel inspired to say “yes” to. At the same time, we want to create offers that inspire us to fall in love with our business again and again.

That’s a “brilliant” offer.

Would you like to create, package and price offers & programs that inspire people to say yes, inspire you to deliver and get you very well paid for your expertise? -
The Brilliant Offer Design Playbook™ may be just the way to start creating great clients today. Check it out here - https://anarosenberg.com/bo

Till next time, remember... Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you everywhere and anywhere.

With love, 


Additional Resources

Value Communication Kit™

Uncover the real value you provide and the words to communicate it so that people get it.

Brilliant Offer Design Playbook™

Create, package and price offers & programs that inspire people to say yes, inspire you to deliver and get you very well paid for your expertise.

What if you could make offers & programs from a place of delight and inspiration?

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