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How To Stop Chasing Clients And Have Them Come To You

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For consultants, coaches, trainers and independent service professionals who want to stop chasing clients and have a predictable system to fill your business with great clients who come to you.

I still remember the beginnings of my first business...

I used to spend most of my time figuring out where my next client would come from.

Not much fun and a lot of uncertainty...

If we talk about the "online marketing" era, another exhausting model is the "launch model". (I love launches but if I get caught up in the eternal cycle of always having to launch, it can be too much).

So what could we shift to stop chasing clients and put in place a system to have people come to us?

This is my favorite "recipe" and here are the ingredients...

Aside Note - I'm on a diet so everything reminds me of food.

1. The Asset

The first thing we need is an asset that attracts people who are ready to invest in solving a problem they have.

My favorite asset is a book.


When somebody buys a book, they're demonstrating that they are buyers and that they are looking to solve a problem.

A real book can make real people raise their hand and say "I need help with this".

NOTE - We're NOT talking about an e-book here or anything that looks like that. We are talking about a real book.

2. The Path

The second ingredient you need is to build a path for those people to discover your book and buy it.

NOTE - Technically it's usually a series of pages startingwith the page to buy the book.
If you need a tool to easily build pages, this is simple and has a collection of pages that are proven to convert.

And that path includes...

3. The Offer For Help

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After they buy your book, it's the perfect moment to offer them to help them more.

That is the part of the path where you can offer your programs, courses or services to people who have demonstrated to you that they are looking for help.

The purchase of the book is the conversation starter that leads naturally to the bigger conversation.

Next Step

Start by brainstorming topics that can attract your perfect client and lead naturally to the bigger conversation of working with you.

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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