3 Fattest Myths About Publishing A Book To Grow Your Business | Ana Rosenberg

3 Fattest Myths About Publishing A Book To Grow Your Business

(AKA where the big money really is in a book)

A book can be a very smart move to grow a business based on knowledge, information and expertise.

Let's peek into the myths and misconceptions that slow smart service professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants from publishing a book to grow their business.

1. Money

The big money from a book doesn't come from the sales of books.

Most books don't sell much beyond family and friends and some people who follow the author.

Closer to the truth - The big money really comes from the positioning it gives the author, the clients it can attract and the doors it can open.

Some simple math - If because of your credibility and positioning, you close 30% more sales without doing anything else, what would that mean exactly for your business growth?

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2. It's NOT About The Book

When people think that everything depends on the "success" of the book, they shift the focus to something that will most probably won't grow their business.

Those people make it all about the book.

Closer to the truth - It's about how the book can position the author as a valuable, credible, relevant resource in front of their audience. (By the way, that's the best positioning for experts.
More on positioning here - What’s The Best Positioning For Expert Brands?- https://anarosenberg.com/best-brand-positioning)

3. The Perfect Bible

Sometimes we feel the need to look smart so we think that the book has to be the perfect bible on our topic of expertise.

Those books seldom get finished.


... Even if they're published, they are not valuable resources to the reader.

Why not?

If we write the "bible" on a topic, the reader has to dive in and do tremendous work to find the answer they are looking for.

Closer to the truth - A book that solves a real problem your readers and potential clients are looking to solve today is way more valuable.

This also solves another problem: what if someone is not "a good writer"?

The content needs to be helpful for your reader. It's not Literature.


Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love

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