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Client-Creating Website For Coaches – The Ultimate Checklist

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The only client-creating website checklist for coaches, trainers, consultants and independent service professionals.

Yes, you read it right… client-creating website.

Here’s how…

Clients don’t exist. There are plenty of people but you cannot find a single “client” in the wild.

Thought experiment… (30 seconds)

Imagine we’re sitting together at a café, enjoying people passing by. Can you point a person to me? Can you point a client to me?

There are no clients and that’s why a lot of coaches have trouble to get solid answers to the question… “Where do I find clients?”


There are plenty of human beings who really, really, really want something for their lives, their relationships, their finances, and their health.

Your website can create clients from your visitors and here is the step-by-step checklist and the resource where you find everything…

1. How to write...

Your message, your words are the biggest leverage you have today.

You need simple guidelines to write your website.

You don’t need to be a writer.


You need to know how to write to “make the invisible visible” because services are different from a physical product.

Here’s how to get started…

Listen. Listen with empathy to what your audience want. (If you need help with this -
3 Online Marketing Tools To Deeply Understand Your Audience -

2. Understand positioning...

You need to know how to position your work to give it the best chance.

As soon as your visitor lands on your website, they need to see for themselves that you are a Leading Authority. (They need to feel trust that you know a lot about how to help them and that you can hold their hand and guide them to where they want to go. That’s what we mean by a Leading Authority).

NOTE – Leading Authority Positioning is not about bragging or self-proclamation of expertise.

3. Master creating clients...

Yes, you can write a website that can create your best clients.

Here’s where to start…

Start by understanding the 3 levels of readiness of a visitor to your website:

- Low to medium level of readiness – This visitor is obviously interested in what you offer but is not ready to become a client today.

- High level of readiness – This visitor is actively looking for a solution to a problem (or for something they really, really, really want).

- Ready today – This visitor came looking for you. For example, a referral.

Here is the twist…

You never know who your visitor is and what level of readiness they are at. You need to give your visitor everything they need at whatever their level of readiness is.

4. Content that strategically positions you as a Leading Authority...

You don’t need to become a “content factory”. You only need to create strategically enough content so that your visitor sees it for themselves that you’re the expert they’ve been looking for.

The key – They need to see it for themselves so that you don’t need to “push” or “persuade”.

5. Write the essential pages...

- Homepage
- About Page
- Contact Page
- Work with Page

Start here… your website has 5 seconds to answer these questions:

- What is this? /Where am I?
- What’s in there for me? /Am I in the right place?
- What should I do next?

Some other pages you need…

- Legal Pages

You’ll need to decide on the legal pages your website needs, like Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc.

NOTE – This is not legal advice. If you need a free resource to make these decisions, you have a free guide here -
Website For Coaches – Legal Pages Quick Start Guide -

6. Choose the platform...

There are many options. I’m going to give you my favorite: WordPress. powers almost 50% of all the websites worldwide. It’s free and there are plenty of tech resources for different budgets to get a pretty cool website that works for your business.

It’s the best way to take control of your website and pretty much do anything. (Plus, it’s very budget friendly).

You need to…

- Buy your domain name

Here is help to make the best choice -
Domain Name: Answers to Top 15 Questions Coaches, Trainers & Consultants Need Today

- Choose a hosting company

TIP – You’ll need SSL, security, backups and one- click WordPress installation.

- Install WordPress with one click

NOTE – You can always hire a virtual assistant for a couple of hours to set up your website for you.

7. Decide on a design style...

Your website can be an expression of your unique energy and the contribution you offer to the world. You can choose a style that matches you.

8. Understand SEO...

Especially if you are a local service provider, you need to grasp the essentials of Search Engine Optimization.

9. Where to find everything…

If it makes sense to you to build a website (or do a website makeover) to create your best clients and you would like a solid resource to complete this checklist in a breeze…

You might want to check out
Brilliant Website - the only website system that can create your best clients. Ideal for coaches, trainers, consultants and independent service professionals. It’s full of templates so that you know line by line what to write. (Check out the exclusive bonuses, too with everything you need about SEO, tech, choosing your unique design style and more). Everything is there to help you succeed.

Till next time, remember… your brilliance is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere, including creating your brilliant website.

With all my love,


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