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Online Courses Versus Clients - What To Sell

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What should I offer? Online courses? Intensive days? A membership site? Group programs?

Or should I just enroll private clients?

My answer...

You can have it all with one elegant move.

The problem with the question...

The problem with this question is that it addresses the "box", the format you'll give to what you do.

It's not very wise to start by building the box and then decide what you're going to put inside it.

My intuition...

My intuition says that you probably want to know how to package your expertise and the transformation you provide in the most profitable way.

So let's start with what doesn't sell so well. What generally makes it more of a struggle to build a profitable, sustainable business.

What doesn't sell

Let’s start by what doesn’t sell – or rather what makes it more difficult for people to say yes and invest in working with you.

A – Individual Sessions or Packages of Sessions
B – Modalities, Techniques, Methodologies
C – Methods of Delivery

When you present your services as individual sessions of a certain modality or as a certain form of delivery (for example: 3 sessions of coaching or a 2-day live workshop), you are moving the focus from the value you offer to the technicalities.

People don’t want to buy coaching, training, consulting, workshops, membership sites, EFT, NLP, etc.

Something that is particularly difficult to make very inspiring is to try to sell time. Each time a person needs to pay for their next session, they get into the evaluation mode about the last session. It also invites a lot of unwanted comparisons with how much they themselves make per hour or how much other kinds of professionals make per hour.

What sells and how to have it all

So, if people don’t see the value in investing in sessions, workshops, coaching, etc., what do they invest in?

They gladly invest in the value you have to offer. Remember that adding value means here for us to help people get closer to the outcomes they desire.

So it's wise to start by uncovering the real the value of your offer, i.e. where you are going to start to add value to your client’s life.

NOTE - It's also important to know how to communicate its value so that the right people get it.

One way of "having it all" is to uncover the method to your madness, your system to help people and to package your system into different formats.

Want help uncovering the value you provide, packaging it and pricing it so that you'll always know what to offer?

The Brilliant Offer Design Playbook could be what you are looking for...

And, yes, it includes how to design your system and package it in the most lucrative formats that free up your time at the same time.

See for yourself

Till next time, remember... your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

With love, 


Premium Program Brilliance

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