Is Your Website Leaking Clients? | Ana Rosenberg

Is Your Website Leaking Clients?


Could it possible be that your website is leaking clients, sales and money?

Let's check...

#1 Client Leak - The Purpose Of Your Site

The main purpose of your website is to position you as a Leading Authority in the mind of your market place.

We are not talking about a "vanity website".

What we're talking about is showing up as a valuable, credible, relevant resource for your audience.

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If you don't position yourself as a relevant, credible, valuable resource, your website is positioning you and your good work to be ignored by the very people you can uniquely help.

#2 Client Leak

Website visitors seldom become clients in the first visit.

The main problem is that if a site doesn't offer their visitors the chance to start a valuable, relevant relationship, most visitors leave and never come back.

In other words, that website is leaking visitors, clients and money.

# 3 Client Leak

Some websites offer a lot of opportunities to take their visitors away from the site into the endless-distraction universe of the online world.

For example, many websites offer many chances to "connect on social media" in the shape of social media buttons everywhere.

Your site should keep your visitor on your site, instead of sending them away to social media channels.

Does that mean that you don't use social media buttons?

No. It means that you can be strategic about it.

For example, I use social media buttons only at the bottom of my blog posts so that people can share them if they found valuable.

That's it.

On the home page, I show the icons of the social media channels I'm active on at the bottom of the page. (And if a visitor clicks, a new tab opens for them to connect with me on whatever social media channel I'm working on building at that moment).

How To Optimize Your Visitor's Path

It's smart to build the path to build a great relationship with the right visitors to your website. (This usually happens when your visitor signs up to become member of your email community - people call this email list but I don't think in terms of "people as numbers" but rather as a community).

So let's see where on your site you could offer your website visitor something relevant and valuable to them so that they sign up for your email list and you can build a great relationship with them.

TIP - Offering to sign up for a newsletter is not always the best idea because many visitors won't see the value of exchanging their valuable email info for something undefined and unspecific.

Here you have a way of creating a relevant resource to offer in 30 minutes:

Here you have another option to offer immediate, relevant value irresistible to visitors:

IMPORTANT - Optimize your site for mobile

It really escapes me why people would want to surf the net from their tiny phones instead of their laptops...

However, most of them do.

That means that your site needs to be mobile responsive and anything you offer as on opt-in into your email list needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

You can check the following:

Is your site design mobile responsive?
Is the opt-in process easy on mobile?

So now let's have a look at where to optimize your site...

You can promote your opt-in in one of these places:

A bar on top or on the bottom of your side.
(I usually prefer a bottom bar just because the majority of websites use "hello bars" at the top).

Pop-ups (also called light boxes)
I use exit intent pop-ups to respect the visitor and alert them of something awesome they can sign up for when they intend to leave.

TIP - Exit pop-ups are not possible on mobile devices so you have to program your pop-ups specially for mobile devices.

A dedicated page (aka landing page)
This page has the function of offering the opt-in and there are no other distractions like sidebars or menus. All the visitor can do on this page is opt in or leave.

Slide-in boxes

Sidebar widgets on your blog

Opt-in boxes on your most popular pages and blog posts

TIP - One of the most visited pages on your website is your about page.

Don't forget your 404 page
This is a page where visitors are redirected in case of an error. You can take advantage of the opportunity to let them see your free gift and opt-in if they want to.


Pick one strategy and start there. Start testing what works the best for your site.

Till next time remember…
Your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

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