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How You Can Start Getting High-Value Clients Today

How to get clients for people like us - coaches, trainers, consultants and other experts who can make a difference with their good work - is one of the questions I get the most so I decided to put together these resources to help you get started today. I will also answer the questions of what you can offer to high-value clients and where to find people who will invest in working with you.

What's a high-value client... anyway?

To add value means to help a person get closer to the outcome they desire. In other words, to make a difference. A high value client is someone who invests to get a big difference made, usually in the case of what they perceive it to be a big problem they want to solve.

So you mean that a high-value client is not necessarily a rich person?

Exactly. We are talking about people and their problems, desires and frustrations.

There are 3 simple shifts you can make to start signing up high-value clients today...

Shift #1 - Focus On High-Value

In other words, within your field of expertise, focus on offering something that makes a big difference. Focus on getting people closer to their desired outcomes in a big way.

Ask yourself: "What would make a difference that people are already looking to invest in making?"

Shift # 2 - The One Thing You Need

If you want to start signing up high-value clients today, the one thing you need is to invite people to a high-value conversation. This is a resource to get you started:

3 Steps To A Calendar Full Of Conversations With Potential High-Value Clients Ready To Work With You

Shift #3 - One elegant move

Once you have your invitation ready, you need to invite the right people to a conversation with you. Class Into Clients is the elegant move I developed for my business to build an audience and fill my business with clients. Check it out here.

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Till next time our paths cross, remember... Your awesomeness is portable, you can take it with you everywhere, including on your client getting journey

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